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Teacher Forces Child to Remove Shirt

Teacher Forces Girl to Go Shirtless During Class

What ever happened to a simple time-out? An Arizona teacher forced a student to remove her shirt in class as part of a punishment. Thomas Washburn, a teacher at Adams Elementary, was raising his voice at his kindergarteners. This scared one of the students, who then hid her face in her shirt. Washburn told her to take her face out of the shirt, and when she refused, he removed it from her body. The student stood in the classroom, naked from the waist up, for about 10 minutes before Washburn returned her top.

Later that afternoon, Washburn told the mother about the incident, and she immediately contacted the principal. The police were notified, and booked Washburn for one count of child abuse and 24 counts of indecent exposure — one for each child in the classroom. Washburn has been placed on administrative leave while police work on the case.

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Sandra15324787 Sandra15324787 3 years
If that were my daughter, I'd be arrested too for what I'd do to that teacher!!!!! He is a sick bastard!
MaryLudwig MaryLudwig 3 years
The best thing this teacher could have done is removed himself from the class when he was raising his voice at the children. Never should have forced her to taker her shirt off.. Dont most kindergarden teachers have helpers? Anybody working with children need to recognize their limits and be willing to take a take a time out, which if his voice level was scaring the kids it was clearly time to take a time out.
Alana15314352 Alana15314352 3 years
That is just wrong any way you look at it. God help them all.
LindaMurphy45339 LindaMurphy45339 3 years
Another idiot that gives my profession a bad name! However, it's also very disturbing how many people on here say "teachers" this and "teachers" that. Please don't lump all of us together! Yes, there are some bad teachers. Just as there are some bad lawyers, some bad police officers, some bad doctors, etc. The news only reports on the "bad" and not on the good. There are many, many more good teachers (lawyers, doctors, cops) than bad. None of the teachers I work with in my school would ever even THINK about doing something like that! So please, people, DON'T lump us all in with these types of idiots!
Julie14866933 Julie14866933 3 years
I could not believe, while reading this, that a man this stupid could become a teacher in the first place. The person who posted the idiotic comments about male teachers, on here, illustrates my point exactly. Normal men are usually weary of the way in which they behave around children, in this day and age, especially as teachers. There are always those out there who feel every innocent man is an offender. They are always at an increased risk of being suspected of inappropriate behavior (even if we see lots of women offenders). So for this PIG to report his disgusting behavior to parents and faculty shows he's got a screw loose. Even most pedophiles know enough to be sneaky. I'd imagine that this man showed signs of not being mentally right in other aspects of his life. Why was nothing noticed. The children were obviously scared of him. I would not be surprised if more accusations come out against him. A man who would do this has acted this way before, no doubt. My heart goes out to this poor child. As the mother of a kindergarten girl, I can only imagine the damage this sick man has caused. I hope police are fully checking his computers and home. He clearly likes to humiliate children and take advantage of his power. I think justice should be dealt more like it was in the past. Bring back public whippings and hangings and help stop perverts from hurting more children! I'd gladly wield the whip or pull the lever on evil people.
MichelleFlores49842 MichelleFlores49842 3 years
I am appalled to say the least. You can be sure if that happened to my child, telling the principal would be the least of my worries. That man would be lucky if he was still intact by the time the cops got there. I am going to homeschool my children, they are a few years out from that anyway but my mind has been made up since they were in the womb. I do not want them exposed to these ridiculous teachers who are on a power trip and think they can just control a child like that. Not okay. Not at all. Male teachers are just fine, my. 4th grade teacher was amazing and every student wanted him. My grandfather taught third grade. He still talks to students he had 20 years ago because he was such an amazing teacher! However there need to be more serious checks done on every teacher, especially in the primary and elementary grades.
AmandaD57823 AmandaD57823 3 years
Teacher should be fired and never allowed to work with children again! Also, she needs punichment of some kind by the court. THAT'S ABUSE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT. :-/
Mary15307681 Mary15307681 3 years
I'm sorry, but it's not ok to strip off a little girl's shirt at all, but especially not in front of her entire class.. Maybe not a straight forward sexual offense, but it is perverted. What would make him think it was ok to go to that level of touching? (Sorry, but undressing is touching in my book) My oldest boy didn't want to dress in front of other people at age 3. And doing that in front of the other kids and screaming at them is teaching those kinds behaviors are normal and acceptable. I'm sorry, but this still screams of sexual predator. Why was that his first reaction? Never would have crossed my mind in a thousand years.
MelanieJohnston32814 MelanieJohnston32814 3 years
@Danielle - Choosing to run naked at the age of 5 is one thing. Being forced to sit naked in your classroom being humiliated is totally different. An adult should NEVER EVER do that to a child. It has nothing to do with sexuality. It has everything to do with exposing a child to others. If he was involved in child pornography, would you think twice about it? The child obviously was afraid of her teacher, Hiding from an adult is a sign of fear. People need to realize that children are processing their emotions and need to stop trying to force them into a behaviors that they think is correct. Did she hide during instruction? NO. She hid because he as yelling at them. I hope he is fired and I hope he is registered as a sex offender. I dare someone to touch my child.
SweetzLyn SweetzLyn 3 years
@wolfcat87. U feel there's nothing wrong and it's not indecent exposure? Omg! I can only shake my head.i wouldn't want to have u take care of my kids n let them run around half naked esp girls.
RuthCleaver RuthCleaver 3 years
Fire his dirty self. How humiliating for the child and terrifying for the other children.
jrnrkptx jrnrkptx 3 years
He's probably a sex offender or likes to play with kids in a nasty way....he needs to be fired plain n simple
Anita15308139 Anita15308139 3 years
OMGosh, this guy needs to be fired. This moron was teaching Kindergarten? As a teacher myself, I am absolutely appalled by this action.
HeatherBooher HeatherBooher 3 years
Fire him and force him to be naked...oh wait he will be in jail. Ahole
DanielleStockdale DanielleStockdale 3 years
I agree that the teacher was wrong (very wrong) in forcibly removing the shirt and should be disciplined for it (it was a very stupid thing to do, to say the least and a very poor choice of discipline!!!!)....the indecent exposure charge, however is totally ridiculous....those are kindergarden kids ( a lot of them still like to run topless or naked...)....get a grip America! This is just as bad as expelling the 5 year old (or, sorry, was he 6?) who kissed one of his classmates! I will never get over the US puritanism....get your minds out of the gutter!
Allana15307905 Allana15307905 3 years
my daughter is in kindergarten and i want to rip this man apart!!!!! he has no right to place his hands on a child in any manner! especially to remove her clothing in front of the entire class!!! she may only be in kindergarten but that will scar her for life. i hope he loses his job and never teaches again
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years
My daughter is 7 and still likes to be topless. (She'd run around naked if she could.) What's under their shirt is no different than what's under a boy's of the same age. Again, nothing indecent. Nothing indecent under a woman's shirt either unless men chests are also indecent in which case every adult man is a perv and should be charged with exposure. lol. All the exact same tissue and organs. That being said, it's normal for any prepubescent child to go topless. It's not normal for a teacher to demand anyone's shirt whether they be a male child or female. That does not make it indecent exposure. As someone else mentioned, the teacher clearly thought it was not a crime and openly admitted it to the teacher.
marie77686 marie77686 3 years
Does there have to be more to such a story as this? Its said by FORCE.... This was a Kindergarden ! Kick the person who thinks thats teaching, out ! Ok look at it this way, if you asked a Adult Student / Mature older person to take their shirt off, would you expect them to with out qs. That Teacher dam well know the so called power that he " may of " possess can in deed make small children scared, his intention was to humiliate as pushishment, in reality they are under the Law as well. And as if they are not enough Good Male Teachers needed as role models for boys, this guy has just made a lot of the good ones be looked at sideways in that place, not to mention as that teacher skills smaller than a ant,um stupid man, acted independently rather that thinking of consequences as a whole himself. Schools need Better Role Models in School not bully Teachers.
Mari15307785 Mari15307785 3 years
OH my gosh .. the poor little girl..... this could be one of those moments in a life that change the direction it's taking.... for a 5 yr old its so very traumatic being away from MOM who has been telling you how school is nice and fun and SAFE... and now this happens to her .... story says he was raising his voice and she hid in her shirt ... and didn't want to take her face out of it ... well if someone was yelling at me and I was five I might do this too ( my fav toy or blanket is at home and if safety is my shirt instead so be it ) ... WHAT is wrong with this man ???/ I'm totally DISGUSTED ... they learn good touch bad touch and all that around this age and are told if anyone MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE it is bad touch and you tell asap and then they go to school where it should all be safe and good and then MR HORRIBLE comes along... what type of scar has this left ..... I AM SO SO MAD...
RhondaCampbell68531 RhondaCampbell68531 3 years
First off ..don't touch my child in ANY negative was a little girl and who ever made the comment about kids running around topless, 5 yr old girls don't normally do that in public get it "a girl"..and they are very aware of their of their daughter's were very shy about it at that age.... 3rd...for someone man or woman to chose that form.of punishment is a little twisted if you ask me...I could go on and on but I think we or most of us agree that's it's seen to that he not have a job dealing with children
TaraDelaire TaraDelaire 3 years
I believe what he did was wrong. My thoughts also go to the challenges teachers face everyday. He did the wrong thing, but is there more to the story.
GingerGonzalez GingerGonzalez 3 years
He should be locked up and have them charges put on him. He also should never be aloud to teach again because clearly if he thinks yelling at 5 year olds is normal then hes got issues. And forcefully removIng a childs clothing isnt right ither. Hes lucky that wasnt my child. But to Annpage212 you have issues. There is nothing wrong with male teachers, well besides this one. I had tons of them when i went to school, i actually like the male teacher over the female ones when i was in school. My daughter had a male principle who she adored, she also had a 5th grade male teacher who was her favorite grammer school teacher, also her grammer school band teacher was male. Now shes in middle school, again has a male principle, a male gym teacher, a male social studies teacher who is her favorite and also the entire 7th grade class's favorite, also her band and chorus teachers are males. They are wonderul teachers. And besides not all men are sexual preditors!!! Usually in school related crimes its mainly a FEMALE! So you need a clue.
TaraPatenaude TaraPatenaude 3 years
Oy vey- this guy is lucky he didnt have my child for his student. Yes, he should be charged with indecent exposure- if a woman were to remove her shirt, that is what she would be charged with. This guy is clearly not the brightest bulb in the tree. She was already fearful of him, and now he humiliates her like this. I hope this doesnt scar her, and make her fearful of nudity in the future. Making a child stand half nude in front of classmates for a period of time has got to be traumatic. My son would have told him no, because he has been taught to not do something he is uncomfortable with, I dont care who tells him to do it. Maybe if more kids were taught that, as opposed to simply blindly listen to your elder, there wouldnt be so much child abuse in the world.
feliciamenear feliciamenear 3 years
This is horrible. As a parent and human being I am disgusted.
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