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Teacher Leaves an Appalling Message For Student's Mother

Parents don't always like what teachers have to say about their children, but one mom in Ohio has every right to be upset. Ashley Moore recently received a very insulting phone call from her son's teacher at Crestwood Elementary School. The teacher left a standard message for Moore regarding her son, who reportedly has ADHD and autistic tendencies, but forgot to hang up the phone when she was done speaking. The teacher, who has yet to be identified, then began badmouthing Moore's son to another colleague.

"He has no common sense," the teacher says in the message. "He was 7 in May, and he's the biggest baby in my group. She still probably wipes his butt." Moore has since pulled her son from the class and enrolled him in a different school.

"He's afraid," she tells a local news station. "He does not want to go back to her."

To see what school officials say about the incident, read the full story on The Huffington Post.

Source: Flickr user kennymatic

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BonnieLand BonnieLand 3 years

Its not ok. The teacher did not in any way act like a bully to that child. She vented to (I presume) a coworker. That is something we all do. Her only wrong here is not knowing how to hang up a phone. I think the person who is wrong is the mom. She for some reason told her child what was said. That was wrong and borderline bully. People talk about other people. Its human nature. Dont get me wrong I dont think its right but it happens. Im sure that mother talked a whole lot of trash about the teacher after this happened.

RaynebirdDragonwyke RaynebirdDragonwyke 3 years

of course there's frustration, but you handle it like an ADULT!!! not like another child. since when is it okay for adults to behave like school yard bullies!!!!!!

BonnieLand BonnieLand 3 years

Yes they do say those things. Its frustration. When you are dealing with "special needs" kids there is plenty of it.

RaynebirdDragonwyke RaynebirdDragonwyke 3 years

people who love children DO NOT say these sorts of non-constructive, hurtful, ill-conceived things. for a teacher of young children to say these things is beyond the pale. this person is supposed to have the child's best interest at heart, but when she says these things it is completely obvious that the only thing she has at heart is her own convenience and self interest. you save your opinions for your spouse, when you get home, in the privacy of your own 4 walls. you don't spout off nastiness like that anywhere in public. why would you want ANYONE to hear you speak of other people, much less children, in such a derogatory way. it only makes the teacher look like a nasty, mean spirited, undereducated fool.

as far as the mother needing to hear that? i doubt that. any mother that hears that is going to come unglued. i know i would. if you have constructive criticism of my child, i'm perfectly willing to sit and discuss that, like an adult. you want to make school yard insults, we're gonna have a problem.

JenniferHolcomb36472 JenniferHolcomb36472 3 years

Nobody said that she didn't like children. Tell me that you don't have a friend whose kid you have "opinions" about. Just because she is a teacher doesn't mean she has to LOVE every kid. She does her job by teaching the child and reporting to the mother. Unfortunately, she didn't hang up the phone when she spoke to someone like a real person and not a teacher. Maybe it was something that the Mom needed to hear!

KristinWheeler1365009901 KristinWheeler1365009901 3 years

Yeah I was wondering that same thing!

PauletteHendrix PauletteHendrix 3 years

look I can't agree that teachers are free to vent those kinds of things about their students and I don't believe that she treated him very well in the class if she was that frustrated! She is the adult and as for the mother telling the child what she said I don't believe the words would have made much sense to the child but the attitude comes through loud and clear

BarbraJeanCrookshank BarbraJeanCrookshank 3 years

Agree 100%

BarbraJeanCrookshank BarbraJeanCrookshank 3 years

aree. It is unfortunate she had not hung up--but humanity doesn't have a Auto button.

BarbraJeanCrookshank BarbraJeanCrookshank 3 years

I agree. Many parents share TO MUCH info with their children.

KatieMarks KatieMarks 3 years

Why would the kid be afraid of her unless his mom told him to be, as there wasn't any problem before this. What she said wasn't nice, but come on, I'm sure every teacher that ever existed has said something negative about a student. It doesn't mean she's not a good teacher or a bad person, but she did use bad judgement. Sounds like mom is part of the problem.

CynthiaCox84218 CynthiaCox84218 3 years


CynthiaCox84218 CynthiaCox84218 3 years

No one should make comments about anyone like that, but the mother is also wrong in telling her seven-year-old what the teacher said. Nothing good would come out of the child knowing--just pain.

vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years

yep lori your right...I had to learn that kids were not lil angels but it doesnt mean the child cant improve and the parent should use this as a way of helping their child....hard things help us grow...cant run away from them all the time...but as I stated have to be involved to know what is happening...

vickiec51 vickiec51 3 years

ok really its ok....realize this....TEACHERS are HUMAN many times have you said something negative about a person or child you knew...yes she is a teacher but as a human she has likes and dislikes and believe me...even putting your child in a different school or class doesnt mean that that teacher wont feel the same way or have issues with your child..however if this new school or teacher does..then know this...its your child and maybe even though adhd or any other problems...he may need a little more than that type of school can give...and just to let you know...I have 5 kids..and have listened to teachers tell me things about my kids..I will tell you one story here about when I had 4 of my kids and we had just come back from a 3 yr tour in england as my husband was airforce ...I went to the school to pick up my sons homework and it was during school..I didnt know exactly where his classroom was so I was walking down the hall...I then heard this very distinct voice of my sons teacher and began approaching his class..well, the teacher began to say...CLASS HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW PEACEFUL AND QUIET IT IS TODAY IN CLASS....the kids replied ..YESSSSS...i then waited for her to finish ..passing out papers and while she was doing that she began again...SHE SAID: and I quote...ITS BECAUSE NOAH ISNT HERE IN SCHOOL TODAY...isnt that nice its so peaceful and quiet....WELL, at that time I was standing at the door and the kids didnt know me from adam..but the teacher did...and she swung around...and said....OH.....HI MRS CLOUD....I just smiled at her and asked her for noahs homework she had prepared already for me to take...I just got it and turned and looked at her and she knew what my look meant....IT WAS OK FOR THE TEACHER TO SAY THAT...BUT.....NOT OK TO TELL THE OTHER KIDS ABOUT NOAH LIKE THAT..SHE COMMITED THE WORST SIN EVER FOR A TEACHER TO DO AND THAT IS DISCUSS A STUDENT TO THE OTHER STUDENTS IN THAT CLASS AND THEN DO IT BEHIND H IS BACK...well, I took what she said to heart and went home and spoke to my son and told him to stop giving his teacher a hard time...Noah my son made straight A's in that class which told me he was bored to tears in her class and was trying to take over the class...that is what happens when we try to pigeon hole all kids into one type of teaching method...I had kids who were add and adhd and like noah and slow learners and handicapped kids..yep I had them all...and after all those years and being in the military and traveling everywhere...I learned not to be so touchy...and find out everything ..if my child was causing problems I want to know about it so I can do something to find out if its really the child or the teacher..I have had situations where it was the teacher gave one of my sons a bad grade and then sent a note home declaring she wasnt getting my sons homework...hello I believed her and came down on my 5th grade son..I sat with him while he did his homework and then not long after I got another note saying where is his then I got worried and asked my son does he throw it away before going to class and he said no mom I pass it up front with the I went in to the teacher and spoke to her and realized after several days of me sitting there with my son and watchign him do his homework something was I told her what I did and she was sort of shocked to realize I did that and it put her on the spot..I didnt pull myson out of her class.I told her that I want her to find every homework paper he has done because I know he turned it in as I sat with him for two weeks of doing homework...and I would be back in two days to look at those papers..well, she was shocked then for sure .yes I gave her an ultimatum...I came back in those two days and she shrunk back and said that for some reason she was putting his paper ...just his papers in another classes set of papers and that he n o longer was failing...I told her that from now on...Im going to check his homework and then I am going to call you and make sure you are not still putting his papers in that other classes stack....she didnt have it in for my son was a fluke that it happened but....if the parent doesnt pay attention these things happen and why its so important that one of the parents not work if possible and make your children first not second or last to whatever have more stories...but not enough room here...Im old now going on 63 ..I had 1 daughter and 4 sons daughter married a doctor md and my oldest son noah...went to west point and is a commander in the army ...he worked at the pentagon some time second son is a fed agent and my third son who was add ...or a doctor of pharmacy...and was a missionary in cambodia for 2 years and learned the language in a very short period of you say...never ever give up and quit trying to be last son who had audio processing deficit and was a SIDS BABY and other ailments...was a straight A student and going to handicap school for about 4 yrs starting at 3yrs old...then went on a mission to england for 2 yrs and then to college and is now doing a masters in college and kneel and pray and ask God to help you and always be involved in what is going on with your was wrong for the teacher to express her opinion but if it were me...I would have gone and spoke to the teacher and ask her what she meant by what she said so that you the mother could find out why she felt that way and if there was something going on or if it was her ....I did know a mother who rejected the idea her son was adhd and I taught that class as a sub...he couldnt sit down for one minute and almost hurt the kids in the class when the teacher came bk because the mother refused to acknowledge this...he hurt the teacher and some kids and then the school took action and got him to a special class and the medicine he needed...I saw him later and he was finally able to concentrate...I felt sorry for him and for the teachers and the kids in that class as one of those kids was one of my sons and no one could do anything because of that kid....neither could he....I realize your child has autism..and that is hard to deal with...but ...always investigate what is going on...sometimes there is something more going on and it might be with your child and this was meant to happen as I believe things dont happen for NO GOOD REASON...that you find out ...not a good way to find out but you did...and see if maybe your child needs more special help then he is getting...I use these things that happen to take action ....its a wake up call to me for me to get busy...and believe me with 5 kids I have...good luck and God bless

LoriChoman LoriChoman 3 years

The teacher is allowed to have an opinion of the child. Yes, she should have made sure she hung up the phone before speaking that opinion, but it happens. What happened to the days when parents understood that their children where not perfect little angels? I know mine aren't, I know there are times when mine are nightmare kids and their teachers probably want to scream. Teachers are human, it's not a teachers job to love the child like Mommy and Daddy love the child. The child is not "autistic" but has "autistic tendencies". That's the new catch phrase, it goes hand in hand with bright kids and ADHD. Teachers have a classroom full of students and each one of them think they they are "God's gift to creation" because Mommy and Daddy tell them that daily. Teachers don't.

RaynebirdDragonwyke RaynebirdDragonwyke 3 years

for the life of me, i can't figure out why people who don't like children continue to work with them. there are plenty of other careers to chose from, work somewhere else, where you can't hurt anyone. geeze.

JeniferGaultJensen JeniferGaultJensen 3 years

Not cool on the teacher's part... but why did the mom tell the kid what the teacher said about him?

KarenBeck KarenBeck 3 years

Sounds like someone who should not be working with kids with autism. Very mean.

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