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Teacher Says She Was Fired for Pumping at Work

Teacher Says She Was Fired for Pumping at Work

Heather Burgbacher, a Colorado mom and technology teacher, is claiming she was fired from her job at a charter school because she asserted her right to pump breast milk during her work day.

The new mom was assigning her students work at their desks and leaving them in the care of another teacher so that she could pump for 20 minutes. She claims her supervisor "cited disputes over her pumping schedule as a cause" for firing her. The school counters that her dismissal stemmed from a restructuring that rendered her skills a poor fit for the job.

As the Wall Street Journal's Sue Shellenberger explains, Bumbacher's lawsuit is one of a rash of recent workplace anti-discrimination claims against employers who make it difficult for women to pump at work.


Via The Wall Street Journal's Juggle

Were you able to pump on the job? Did your employer help or hinder you?

Image Source: Medela via The Wall Street Journal

Springblossem Springblossem 6 years
Regarding the woman that made the statement if a woman is breast feeding, they apparently are not ready to return to the work force and should stay at home or should give up breast feeding completely, makes me thankful for the individuals that created and pass the laws that protect a woman’s the right to pump at work and to breast feed in public. I have four children ranging from ages 23 to 1 month. I have experienced the pleasure of not having to work and nursing my child with no restrictions and having to go back to work because of financial reasons to be treated as though my ability to nurse was a burden to my employer even though I’ve given them 11 faithful years and I only pumped on my scheduled breaks. What she doesn’t care about is that it’s not always a woman’s choice to return to work and interrupt the bond that nursing creates between a mother and her child. For some people they make that decision just to provide even the basic essentials for her family. Not only is a nursing mother affected physically but also mentally because of the choices she has to make in order to provide for her family. I have met many hard working mothers that value their right to pump at work and would like to be given the respect to do so. I can honestly say that if we did not have that right, many people would be affected by our absence regardless of how many none pumping individuals they hire to replace us. Pumping at work is only an inconvenience to the individual that already has hate and discontent in their heart. Believe me I am a workaholic but when it comes to my infant if I know breast milk is the best for them and I have the ability to provide it, don’t you think any mother would? Think about that the next time you need your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, insurance adjuster, appointment scheduler, cashier, food service provider, and many more occupations that we often take for granted.
ConniePayne44439 ConniePayne44439 6 years
Human beings are not cogs. Babies must be fed regularly throughout the course of the day. And now, many women must work outside the home to make ends meet. Kudos to those who don't have to. But this women should be compensated for her employer's lack of compliance (and lack of sensitivity).
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