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You Won't Believe the Note This Pre-K Teacher Sent Home

A note from the teacher shouldn't be cause for alarm, but when it criticizes your parenting that's a different story altogether. A pre-K teacher recently told parents that their kids, well, stink. The teacher, at the BUILD Academy in Buffalo, NY, sent a note home to parents saying that some of the students "give off unpleasant smells and some appear unclean and unkempt." She also asked parents to acknowledge that they read the letter and encouraged them to take care of the issue immediately.

To see how parents reacted to the letter, read the full story at The Stir.

Source: The Stir
LuluMoshi LuluMoshi 3 years
I'll be honest, the teacher did have a point but she could've used different words to make it less offensive, but seriously, kids in preeschool should already be able to be potty trained, but accidents do still happen at that age. My daughter's preeschool teacher requires all students to be able to be potty trained, and that I know of, there's only been like 2 accidents.
AmysueLinkroum AmysueLinkroum 3 years
I was a preschool teacher and I feel for her. It's a hard spot to be in. That being said, I too experienced this first hand. There was a beautiful, sweet, child in my class who had gorgeous long hair that was always dirty and knotted. She smelled like she bathed maybe once a week too. :( So what I did was got to know the mom really well. I found out that she was working full time, and going to school full time as well. Her husband was I'll and she had to rely on her elderly parents to watch her at night. She also hurt herself in the tub once so she was fearful of baths. Luckily we worked at a center that had a pool that the kids swam in 3 days a week. I know it wasn't a bath but it was something. I sent a note to the parents that we would do hair salon during free time. I bought waterless shampoo, leave in conditioner, hairties and a comb for each girl. Everyday we'd do our hair. This way she wasn't singled out and was never embarrassed. Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted people to know you can get creative instead of embarrassing a kid. You don't know that person's situation. It might not be an open shut case of neglect.
dezinediva dezinediva 3 years
I'm pretty certain the teacher knew of 1 child who was issue but did not want to embarrass that family and figured sending to all would be better. Yeah she should have used different wording or had a mass memo sent out by school admin but hey hindsight is 20/20. I would
ErinOliva ErinOliva 3 years
This really all depends on the severity of the issue, BUT what should have been done is a professional newsletter addressed to the WHOLE school about issues of dress code violations. This way people will not feel that their dignity has been ripped apart and would be more receptive to comply. This was extremely unprofessional and rude, whether it was a viable concern or not. Tact and respect should always be present when dealing with people.
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 3 years
if i got this i would start thinking about how my kid was and change it but still have a talk with the teacher cause my kids never go to like this lol and did you know by law she cant tell you this ??? because some people cant afford to wash there clothes,, but for the bathroom thing she can cause it is a health thing
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