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Tearless Bath time

Lil Tip: Tearless Tub Time

Even soaps that claim to be "Tear Free" can cause a youngster to squeal when it hits their wee eyes. My sweet pea isn't such a fan of leaning back and letting me douse her with a bucket so I've found an easier way to avoid a teary tub.

Hand your child a rolled up or folded washcloth and have her hold it over her eyes. When the rinsing is complete, she can take the washcloth and wipe her face. Everyone is happy and the washcloth is now ready to dutifully clean the rest of the tiny tot.


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Sarana Sarana 8 years
Is that really a new tip? I thought everyone knew this method!
red21 red21 8 years
great idea! I'm totally trying it out tonite
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