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Tech-Savvy Teen Girl Saves School from Bully

Tech-Savvy Teen Girl Saves School from Bully

As parents, cyber bullies make us nervous. You often don't hear about them until it's too late. So this story of a vulnerable teen named Sarah who is turning the tables on her school's cyber bully has us cheering.

After enduring devastating taunts on Twitter and Facebook Sarah gathered evidence and posted a desperate plea for help on Reddit. Officials at her high school, Arundel High in Gambrills, MD, had ignored in-person pleas, and she explained to Reddit readers that she was considering suicide. 

Sarah's readers have put her school's administration under immense and public pressure to take action. The teen has updated her Reddit readers to let them know that she thinks justice will now be served.


Read the whole story (

Do your kids know how to seek help?

Image Source: Reddit

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TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
It is a shame she had to hollar suicide before the school got involved. This is your school system for you. Protect the bullies and punish the ones who are being bullied. However I do think this is a school parent effort as well. Parents need to closely monitor their children on facebook and twitter or the computer in general. These kids get themselves into all kinds of trouble. My best friends son defriended his mother but didn't think to defriend me so I keep a close eye for her and let her know what is going on with him. This is how she goes about watching him and keeping the peace in the home. I have only caught him being bad a couple times. Of course not all his friends or my friends but when he post bad things or pics I know about it anyway.
LeeAnneHamilton LeeAnneHamilton 5 years
Same thing happened to my daughter, and an 11 year old bully was pretending to be my daughter and actually threatened herself - saying my daughter was planning to stab her at school with a knife! luckily the police did get involved and my daughter was cleared of any wrong-doing and was declared the victim. The other girl cannot be charged because she is only 11, but there is an open police file implicating her as well as a note on her permanent school record. Be careful what your children are doing online. This girl set up fake Facebook accounts and text accounts pretending to be my daughter and then sent all kinds of nasty messages to other kids at school!
StacyRobbin StacyRobbin 5 years
She should not have to threaten suicide to get her school to respond to her multiple requests for help. I'm glad something is being done about this, but her school shpuld have responded in the first place.
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