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Teen Arrested For Sexting

Parents Report Sexting Daughter to the Police

Look through your teen's phone, and you may not like what you find. That's what two parents in Virginia learned when they discovered inappropriate content on their daughter's device. While searching through their 13-year-old's phone, they found sexual messages and nude photos that she had sent to several boys. The parents also came across an exchange between their daughter and an older boy, asking if she wanted to have sex. It was that text that prompted the parents to turn their daughter, whose name is being withheld for protection, into the police.

To see what happened when the authorities got involved, read the full story on Huffington Post.

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DenaBergman DenaBergman 2 years

Yes I would turn in my child. We would have already discussed the dangers and responsibilities of having a cell phone so it would not come as a surprise. Parents need to send a clear message to children when they are very young that the parents are law abiding citizens and expect their kids to be law abiding as well! This isn't just a case of making a point, kids who's parents lie for them believe it's ok to do whatever they please no matter how dangerous it is. They believe they only have to follow the laws they agree with. This young girl was putting herself in danger AND exposing others to pornography ! Any minor who saw those pics was a victim of HER crime. Worse yet she easily could have become a rape or murder victim! What would you say about her family if they were burying her instead of going to court with her? Yes I would turn my children in and they know it but they also know I would be lovingly standing beside them as they work through the consequences of their own actions!

Michelle15499717 Michelle15499717 2 years

Just another reason 13 year olds do not need cell phones. I've heard all the arguments. There is just no good reason for it. If you have a unique family circumstance such as a disability or health issue that is one thing, but they don't need one just because they are involved in sports or school activities. Those places all have offices or adults/coaches that carry phones. If you have to get your kid a phone, get them a dumb phone with no camera that can only call you. That is truly all they need!

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