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Teen Girl Sues Teacher After Traumatizing Bathroom Break

Teen Girl Sues Teacher After Traumatizing Bathroom Break

A San Diego art teacher has been put on paid leave while the district investigates an allegation that she refused to allow a 14-year-old student to leave class to go to the toilet. She instead told the girl to urinate in a bucket. The teacher then reportedly told the girl to empty the contents in an unused classroom sink.

The 14-year-old girl says teacher Gonja Wolf's actions left her feeling 'disgraced and humiliated'. The claim says the student will incur psychological treatment and medical expenses in excess of $25,000.

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Have you ever objected to one of your children's teacher's actions?

Image Source: Daily Mail

SamettaParker SamettaParker 5 years
Something similar happened to my daughter in preschool. We had been really encouraging her to be mindful of her potty habits at home, but she kept having accidents when she went to a local montessori school. On one occasion, she'd soiled her clothes and I was called from work to bring her a dry set. Being on a terribly short break, I rushed to get clothes from her sitter who was closer to the school than my home and gave the clothes to her teacher. Upon arriving at the school to pick her up at the end of the day, I found her wearing an oversized school tee shirt and the still damp panties that she'd soiled (now terrifically filthy from having gone to the sandbox in them). I was furious and brought it to the attention of the staff who gave a weak excuse and apologized. A few months later, I arrived home to find my daughter visibly distraught and my husband sitting with the "exasperated daddy" look on his face. I thought she'd been naughty and inquired why everyone looked so upset. My husband told me that when he picked her up, again she'd had an accident. When he asked her why she didn't ask to go to the bathroom, she replied that she did, but the teacher had responded "you always have to go to the bathroom, so we're not going right now because it's recess and I'm not taking you inside." Needless to say, we removed her from the school. No one apologized or made any attempt to explain the teacher's actions. After she was withdrawn, the school actually had the NERVE to charge us tuition for another month! As a veteran teacher, I have denied students permission to go to the restroom because I recognize that some use it as an excuse to simply avoid class and it tends to become a chain reaction (one after another interrupting the lesson with requests to go). However, I try only to make them wait for an appropriate time if possible. If they absolutely can't wait, I allow them to go, but with a stern warning that toileting should be done between classes. The very idea that someone would embarrass a student in such a way is beyond reprehensible.
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