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Teen Humiliated by TSA Worker

What does your teen wear at the airport and why does it matter?

That's the question Boing Boing founder Mark Frauenfelder is asking TSA, after his 15-year-old daughter was allegedly "humiliated and shamed" for her outfit by an employee at the Los Angeles International Airport, The Huffington Post reports.

According to the teen's text to her father, she was at the checkpoint where TSA officials check IDs when the worker said, "You're only 15, cover yourself," humiliating the girl in front of her peers.

Although Frauenfelder wasn't accompanying his daughter at the time because she was on a "college tour" with other high schoolers, he believes the comment was a "big deal" because it is the first of what will "unfortunately be many layers of sexism she will encounter in her life."


To find out how TSA responded, read the whole story at The Huffington Post.

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SabrinaPowell1364348318 SabrinaPowell1364348318 4 years
It's the parent's responsibility to have their kids dress in a non provocative way (and yes at the ripe old age of 15.....still a kid.) And instead of looking at the situation thinking, hmm, here's a learning experience, I should take into consideration what happens when girls dress provocatively, instead you go and blow your nose on a blog. Over the many wrongs done to your skampy dressed daughter. TSK TSK!!!!
dannicahoskison dannicahoskison 4 years
Aaaaaaand! She so obviously covered up for the picture!!! No one would've risked their job to comment on THAT outfit! Have any of you ever been teen aged girls before!! You poor innocent ladies! Girls are quite deceiving when they want to be
dannicahoskison dannicahoskison 4 years
Lol give me a break! I'm not much older than her and if I had told my dad that a random stranger told me to cover up then id be in more trouble for dressing skimpy enough to be ridiculed than the man who said it! Why do we say its ok to dress inappropriate and not ok for anyone to notice or comment? You can complain to your parents instead of taking responsibility for your wardrobe and they'll sue or blog to defend your bad decisions! What is this world coming to??
CharlottePerez CharlottePerez 4 years
She looks covered up now, but chances are, she had to take off the jacket/cover-up during the security check, which would leave her in a low-cut cami with her bra straps showing. Yes, this would look trashy and probably invoke a comment from a TSA official who might be a dad himself. And what 15-year-old's go on college tours??
BlackSilk14629659 BlackSilk14629659 4 years
Wow she is covered, that worker needs to mind their business. Also, this doesn't need to be made a big deal of online.
CoMMember13631189244843 CoMMember13631189244843 4 years
It's so common for teens to wear something with their boobs showing I'm shocked she even got bothered by his remarks. Should he be disciplined for his behavior? Yes, because in our society everybody and their dog dresses like this, and it's none of his business. But for her to be upset is laughable. If she doesn't want the attention, beit negative or positive, dress differently.
AngelaBynum AngelaBynum 4 years
I think the fact that we are even talking about this is RIDICULOUS. Who cares what someone said to someone else about what they were wearing. Welcome to Earth honey...get over yourself.
TenaRodgers TenaRodgers 4 years
Is it really big news for one to get offended from someone basically telling them in other words to have respect for themself? What a crazy world we live in.
Ricardo14628599 Ricardo14628599 4 years
Do they have dress code now ? If they do I'm not aware about it. I bet you u that tsa guard won't even look if the old lady same clothes that teenage wearing pass thru that gate. He suppose to check the I.D. Not the young lady or passagers. The guard is a perbert
scouter9933 scouter9933 4 years
Ok - I'm looking at this outfit. She has a peach top, with a bra/tank top type thing on underneath, and an overshirt/jacket type shirt on top. And those leggings are similar to what I've seen other people wear. I don't care for the leggings, but the overshirt actually covers up a lot. She's wearing 'comfortable' clothes for the plane ride - ones that don't bind and layers, so if she gets too warm or too cold, she's got it covered. I see nothing wrong with these clothes. My own daughter, at 15, was very self conscious at that age, and was always asking if what she was wearing was ok - she'd ask me, her friends and her fashion conscious cousins... and, tho she wouldn't wear those leggings, the jeans she wears are the current 'girl' jeans and they are not the loose baggy kind, and she's a college senior, at 5' 11'' and she dresses a little more conservatively, but she dresses in layers and not too far off from what this girl is wearing. These negative comments are a reflection of the people making them - not a reflection of what the girl is actually wearing. I would really like to see how this TSA person would handle some of the people I see at the local Walmart... :)
JoyChauncey JoyChauncey 4 years
She had on a long sleeved shirt how much more covered up could she be? What would the man had said if she had on a short sleeved shirt?
Coach36 Coach36 4 years
It was a comment. It wasn't derogatory, or insulting at all. If anything, it was a suggestion. what she does with it is up to her. Why is this being blown out of proportion? Why is this even 'news'?
ConniePayne44439 ConniePayne44439 4 years
Many people here seem to think they've been asked to comment on which fashion choices are appropriate for teenagers. This news item is about the abuse of power by a government official. We do have laws against inapproriate dress or undress. This girl broke none of these. Therefore, the official crossed the line. It troubles me that many Americans no longer know that encroaching abuse by public officials is a danger to us all.
DianaGarciaGoodsell DianaGarciaGoodsell 4 years
I don't allow my 7 year and six year twin daughters out of the house dressed like that. It's inappropriate to walk around in just a tank top. It would have been different if the top shirt was buttoned up. I make my girls raise their arms up and we can see your belly, then you need to cover up!!
MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 4 years
What was wrong with how she was dressed? Seemed perfectly exceptable to me
JenniferDouglas6740 JenniferDouglas6740 4 years
It doesn't matter how his daughter dresses??? hmmm....
Rebecca-Ellen14506289 Rebecca-Ellen14506289 4 years
Having a teenage daughter myself & having been one, I KNOW these 3 truths: 1) They have no concept of "appropriate dress" 2) if ANYONE makes derogatory comments about their outfit, it is a MAJOR deal 3) They consistently over-react & exaggerate reports of other people, esp. authority figures, correcting them in any way, in order to appear that they (teen girls) ate in the right. Is it possible that, the father not having been there, doesn't have the whole story? Might a teenage girl have been flaunting it or behaving inappropriately? Might the TSA agent have his own reasons for feeling strongly about this issue? Is it possible, that as a society, we have become hyper-aware of every slight, percieved un-pc action, or encroachment of our civil liberties, that we are unable to recognize when something DOES need to be done or said. If anyone sees my daughter showing off her body, by all means, offer her a parka! I'll buy you a coffee.
KristinaParry KristinaParry 4 years
Unfortunately that "reporter" interviewed in her bedroom with earbuds on, completely missed the mark in trying to make this part if a feminist narrative. The TSA has been given carte blanch power to intrude on our civil libertie and this is a consequence of it. They believe they have a right to harrass everyone equally in the name of progressives to avoid profiling. Maybe Ms. Bedroom Reporter would have been fine with this if instead of a stupid comment the TSA worker has felt up the girl's breasts and vagina with the back of their hand looking for bombs?
LindaNapier1362798227 LindaNapier1362798227 4 years
Sounds like a set up for a law suit. Most any teen would have told that agent where to get off...I don't buy it at all.
SusanMilani SusanMilani 4 years
I worked TSA for a while. Any Bad Comment goes to federal government. Call your Senator if you like the senator. He can set you on proper trail. A Federal Officer came up to me Showed me his Badge in his wallet Made it look Huge. Call your Federal Senator
JessicaMcDonald56744 JessicaMcDonald56744 4 years
No matter HOW she was dressed it was NONE of any employees business. Do your job and mind your own business.
AngelaSuschena AngelaSuschena 4 years
She's wearing jeans, a tank top, and a large flannel shirt. That's hardly scandalous- my 66 year old mother wears outfits like that! I see far more objectionable outfits on girls from 10-15. This TSA agent was so far out of hand, he should have no job to return to. It's none of his business. I'm disgusted by this, and more than a little curious what the previous posters consider "appropriate" attire for travel. Gods forbid, the girl showed the skin of her upper chest and throat, and an inch-wide stripe across her midriff. I've never heard someone in a flannel being called scantily dressed. Dreadful, puritanical responses. I'd have more of an issue with someone covered neck to toes making out with her boyfriend than I have with this girl. I'm not a huge fan of over PDA.
terristephan terristephan 4 years
All I can say is my 15 year old daughter would not walk out of the house that way, much less travel anywhere wearing it.Wear it at home, or sleep in it, but dress more appropriately to travel. Just my opinion
CindyTomblin CindyTomblin 4 years
#1 Humiliated/shamed?...mighty strong words. Perhaps embarrassed would be the more appropriate word. This girl has POSSIBLY never heard that she was anything less than perfect in action, word and sight. Let's stop babying our children and accept the fact that this young woman was out traveling via an international location where she felt emotionally and physically safe and was comfortable wearing what she had on her body. This is NOT abuse or humiliating. It is merely... #2 OVERREACH of the government entity (TSA). Using this comment as a platform about female objectification? REALLY? When there are lawyers and people in this country wanting to push sharia law off on us females... this young lady would have been stoned to death for appearing in public dressed as such and with her beautiful hair brazenly glorifying her femaleness... this should be our concern. The TSA is another long arm of the government pushing individuals around as "they" see fit. Saying what they want, listening in to whomever they want, discriminating who they want to discriminate against, and all under the guise of PROTECTING us. There was no excuse for the TSA comments, although let's face it, getting dressed to travel and going to the airport is about as visually assaulting as "The People of Walmart" website in real time! People don't care how they present themselves anymore in America... we (the collective here) look like a bunch of sleepy hobos boarding the planes and expect preferential treatment and respect. GET REAL!!!! It is no one's business how you dress, but let's face it... an impression is garnered by our appearance. A lesson that she might have learned from an inconsiderate and personal remark directed by someone who should be looking out for potential threats to our safety aboard aircrafts. But in this instance, perhaps questioning at the beginning of the issue... what is the role of big GOVERNMENT playing in our everyday lives instead of after an affront has been recognized would be more PRODUCTIVE.
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