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Teen Mom: Farrah Doesn't Tell Her Mom Where She and Sophia Live

Teen Mom: Fair For Farrah to Not Disclose New Address?

Farrah and Sophia moved out, but can they move on? In last night's episode of MTV's Teen Mom, the 18 year old packed up her daughter and got a new apartment. Though it seemed that tension had long been mounting (during both previous TV seasons) between Farrah and her mother, it ultimately led to a domestic violence charge against Debra. Farrah says she is cutting ties and doesn't want her family to know her new address, but baby Sophia is left in limbo between the two women that have been raising her. Do you agree with Farrah's decision?

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skigurl skigurl 6 years
Now that I know more of the situation, I find this very well said: "I have no doubt her mom would ignore that and drop by whenever she wanted, so I think Farrah's finally being smart in not disclosing her address. Regardless of how awful Farrah was to her parents, it doesn't give her mother the automatic right to see her grandchild, in my opinion. " She doesn't have to tell her mom, but she should let her parents be in the baby's life, if only for the child's sake.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
I don't condone violence, but my mom would have knocked me out too if I talked to her the way Farrah talks to her mom. She is really disrespectful to her parents. They don't need to know her new address, but they should be able to see their grandchild.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
I haven't been watching so I don't know how serious the charge against her mother was, or what their situation is, but if she honestly hates her mom and her mom is abusive towards her, then I guess she doesn't need to tell her where she will be living with her baby! But there must be some sane family members who should know, for safety reasons. And plus, she shouldn't alienate herself from her family, or she will regret it in the future.
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