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Teen Raped Orphans During Missionary Trip

Teen Confesses to Molesting and Raping Orphans During Missionary Trip

Matthew Durham may have just earned the title of worst person alive. During a missionary trip to Africa, the 19-year-old raped and molested several children at the orphanage where he volunteered. According to reports, Durham confessed to raping young girls, forcing boys to perform oral sex on him, and even making other kids watch. The victims are reportedly between the ages of 4 and 9 years old, and at least one is HIV positive. Durham has been volunteering at the orphanage for the past two years, but it was during his last visit that suspicions grew.

"A caretaker at the orphanage noticed something wasn't right and confronted Mr. Durham," United States Attorney Sanford Coats tell KTLA. Though Durham admitted to some of the acts, his lawyer, Steve Jones, claims that the teen was not in control of the situation. According to Jones, Durham's despicable actions were the result of "pseudo-tribal psychological voodoo practiced on him." Call us crazy, but we're not buying that theory for a second.

Source: KTLA

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Ken1392657806 Ken1392657806 2 years

Sounds like he's going for the insanity plea. Thing is, that most people don't get, is that while the insanity plea may get you a "not guilty" it is not a walk away free thing. People who successfully plead insanity are then remanded to the state or government run institution for the criminally insane, which is more or less a life sentence. A team of psychologists and doctors have to evaluate and deem the person not only fit to return to society, but not a potential threat to anyone in the future. So the argument that he gets a BS insanity plea...well...its not cakewalk either.
The other thing is that before a person can be liable for a crime they must be capable of forming intent. If the perpetrator cannot form intent, then no crime is committed and they can plead insanity (or youth...a child under 8 cannot legally form intent). However, it is highly unlikely that he can use this defense given the fact, not only does it sound like he had intent, but it sounds like this was premeditated.

With all that being said...I really don't think this guy is long for our world. People, regardless of reason, that commit crimes against youth...well the world has a way of turning things back on them.

Ken1392657806 Ken1392657806 2 years

man or not, 19 is 19, that is nine TEEN. That would mean he's technically a teen even if he is legally an adult. That would be why he is being called a teen. Teen does not necessitate underage or child and in fact, most teens are tried as adults when they commit "adult" crimes.

SaniaRooza1393926100 SaniaRooza1393926100 2 years

What a despicable human being...can't even use the title "human being" on such an animal. How sickening.

mnwatson1 mnwatson1 2 years

You're absolutely right. This may not have been his first time, which makes it even worse on his part. You say that the "system fails again and again to do the right thing," then go on to say there shouldn't be punishment, but rather rehabilitation. You say you're from a "family of psychologists," but from your arguments you clearly haven't studied it yourself.

Rehabilitation without retribution is absolutely fine and good for those who have NOT acted on the impulses, those who seek help before they reach that point, and yes, those people ARE out there. Those people are also not typically stigmatized by society, because 99% of the time, society never discovers who they are, as they never end up on sex offender lists, because they sought help. Punishment is completely reasonable for those who DO act on the impulses however, because it is NOT acceptable. What happens after the punishment, the estrangement from society, is something they are well aware of prior to ever making that conscious choice to abuse a child.

Since you're defending these people, the ones who have offended and then subsequently released, and you're crying that they're treated unfairly, let me ask you this: If they moved into your neighborhood, would you let them babysit YOUR children, since, after all, they have been through their punishment and rehabilitation? Somehow, I doubt it.

SabrinaAdams15795 SabrinaAdams15795 2 years

There is a good chance that he was a victim of sexual abuse himself. .. In that case it was probably a family member that caused the psychological damage and not going to be quick to send their victim to a shrink. Sadly sexual abuse is not something that is painted on our faces in order to know when someone needs help.

SabrinaAdams15795 SabrinaAdams15795 2 years

Seriously? In Africa rape is always the victim's fault, women get beaten and stoned to death for "allowing" themselves to get raped. This animal won't come to justice in Africa. Let him rot in an American prison where the other inmates will shoe him what he's been doing to those poor kids.

LesleyBrey LesleyBrey 2 years

This is the worst response ever! You are comparing a man who molested innocent children to two consenting adults? And....what does the president have to do with it? Are you seriously saying you think the president and anyone else who sticks up for gay rights would support this? You, my friend, are clueless!

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

Perhaps trying to understand why this behavior occurs would be beneficial. We could try to prevent future occurrences and save potential victims from sexual predators. On the other hand, keeping these people around after they've committed these heinous acts on the tax payers' dime is ridiculous. Most of these sexual predators go to jail for a short time and our released back into society. I know this sounds barbaric but the only way to solve this problem is to either put them to death or to castrate these men. As for the women who do this, well, I shudder to think what can be done but if that's what it takes to keep them from getting their jollies...

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

my thoughts exactly!

anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 2 years

You're right. I hope no one else has contracted HIV because of him. This story is heart wrenching.

mnwatson1 mnwatson1 2 years

It can be prevented, however just like anyone else with a mental issue, they have to first RECOGNIZE there is a problem and SEEK HELP before anyone can do anything to prevent these types of things.

Obviously, for him, abusing children was more important to him than trying to get help. Let's be honest, he waited until he was in a foreign country in an ORPHANAGE, where he knew he would likely be unsupervised, before he ever acted on his impulses. This is a clear indicator that he wanted to act on his issues, not get help for them.

Jennifer57836 Jennifer57836 2 years

I disagree. There are many people who suffer from psychological disorders and then there are those who are evil and suffer from the influence of Satan, pure and simple. Mom of a child with psychological / neurological disorder but who is under the influence of God / Jesus / Holy Spirit.

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