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Teen Saves Girl From Kidnapper

Teen Rescues Girl From Abductor

A Pennsylvania teenager has proven that you should never underestimate how charitable your child can be. Temar Boggs of Lancaster Township is being hailed as a hero after finding a 5-year-old girl who had been kidnapped, Fox News reports.

According to the news agency, the girl was reported missing by her mother after she disappeared when walking behind an apartment toward the woods. Police suspect a kidnapper lured her with an offer for ice cream, then assaulted her. Boggs was with his friends on their bikes when he noticed the police presence in the neighborhood looking for the girl, so they decided to help with the search. When the kidnapper saw Boggs and another boy, he pushed the girl from his car and fled the neighborhood.

As the girl ran into Boggs's arms, the first thing she said was, "I need to see my mommy." Police are still searching for the suspect.

Source: Fox News
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TinaClemons TinaClemons 4 years
This goes to show you, that there are decent teens in the world, and they know how to help and should be praised for the help that was given. I realize not everyone who is a teen may be in a position that they can do things quite like this, but they happened to be at the right place at the right time and best of all, did the right thing ! So for all teens, and others too, if you can do a 'good deed, by all means let God know that you are thankful to have been His instrument to be used for His glory.
shelley26903 shelley26903 4 years
That's awesome. He's more responsible than the adult watching her....unless I misread the story. Walking behind an aparent toward the woods?
michellefoit michellefoit 4 years
Thank you! Heroes!
AngelinaDiAntonio AngelinaDiAntonio 4 years
MsC50524 MsC50524 4 years
MyraLingerfelt MyraLingerfelt 4 years
That boy is an angel God put here on earth for that child. Thank you Jesus for sending him.
chris-dudley chris-dudley 4 years
This young man saved the little 5 year old girl's life. He is an angel for that little 5 year old girl. If he did not do what him and his friends did the little 5 year old girl could of possibly gotten killed. He is an HERO and its just so amazing that a 15 year old boy would do what he did. He should be proud of his self for saving the 5 year old girl.
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