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Blame it on Angelina Jolie . . . a couple of years ago she told the British paper The Sun that at age 14, she and her then-boyfriend lived together in her mother's home "like a married couple." Jolie's interview spurred a New York Times piece on the topic of teenage sleepovers, in which author Henry Alford talked to the families of teens in an attempt to get a read on "the new normal."

As it turns out, teen couples sleeping together — and even cohabiting — under a parent's roof is no longer taboo for some modern families. Alford cited one instance in which a 17-year-old girl's live-in boyfriend even took on household chores at her mother's home, including taking out the trash and walking the family dog.

A piece on the topic referenced a study of Dutch families, as teenage sleepovers have been the norm in the Netherlands for decades. The results found that in showing respect for their teens' romantic relationships, Dutch parents enjoy strengthened communication with their kids, and the country even has a teen pregnancy rate that's four times lower than ours here in the US.

While it's all great in theory, we've got to ask: would you let coed sleepovers happen under your roof? It's a controversial topic, and we can't wait to hear what you think!

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