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Teen Suspended from School Over Good Deed

Teen Suspended from School Over Good Deed

Has there ever been a rule you wish your child's school would reconsider?

Michigan mom Christa Plante is up in arms over her teen's suspension from school for his long hair. And it's not because she wants her son to have more fashion freedom; it's because she wants him to be able to complete the good deed he's set his heart on. J.T. is 17 and a leukemia survivor, and he's growing his hair so that he can donate it to another child who has lost hair as a result of cancer treatment.

J.T. has promised to cut his hair as soon as it's long enough to donate to Locks of Love, a non-profit which provides confidence boosts to kids fighting cancer by giving them realistic-looking hairpieces. He's also promised to provide the School Board with a certificate proving he made the donation. Still, the School Board's spokesman explained that they do not want to change their policy under pressure.

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SharnaVoight4524 SharnaVoight4524 5 years
Man people in high positions make me sick! HE HASNT BEEN ABLE TO GROW HIS HAIR IN HOW LONG!!!!!! And they are still stopping him. :( They need some help.
karenmccubbin karenmccubbin 5 years
this is really stupid !! if one of there children need a hair piece for any reason they would be asking others to grow their hair and donate it !! I think It is a wonderful idea my heart goes out to TJ !! your a wonderful boy !!
BeckyBedolla BeckyBedolla 5 years
Please don't donate to locks for love 9 out of 10 donations are thrown away. My oldest donated her hair and I was heart broken when I found that out. There is an organization card children with hair loss. This one is better. I am trying to spread the word so people's wonderful deeds will not be thrown away.
ChristolWeber ChristolWeber 5 years
Wait. Is this an all boys school? If it is NOT, then not only are they making a bad decision, this is gender based discrimination. Unless of course girls are required to wear their hair short as well. That's just bad. They should promote altruistic behaviors in children this age. Why should anyone care about his hair? Shame shame on that school. I would never let my children attend a place like that.
LindaCutler76748 LindaCutler76748 5 years
The school needs to lighten up. I am a former school board member. Sometimes you make exceptions to rules.
KarolHammer KarolHammer 5 years
Talk about a teachable moment! The school could turn it into a school-wide effort (for those who want to participate), and have all participants get their hair cut and donated on the same day.
KarenCox73524 KarenCox73524 5 years
Come on, now! Really? How can any child be punished for such a heart-warming deed? What are we saying to our children? I certainly hope they will change their decision because I don't know many teens who would do such a thing to help someone else! This boy is to be commended!
GinnyRucker GinnyRucker 5 years
My kids went to a charter school and one of the young ladies there was suspended when she shaved her head and donated her hair to Locks of Love. I understand rules, however ever single parent was outraged by this action. Schools "claim" to encourage kids to do positive things, then when they do amazing selfless acts, they are punished. Come on, have some leniency in cases like this, especially when you know what's going on. Get a grip.
JoelleWilczek JoelleWilczek 5 years
also @Liz.. Have you ever LOST ALL YOUR HAIR, or had a child or immediate family member with CANCER ??, If not you will NEVER understand what a WIG can do for ones self confidence. Not trying to be rude, but show you that there are 2 sides to everything, and being a little open minded can give one some peace.
JoelleWilczek JoelleWilczek 5 years
@Liz... obviously you have NO IDEA what is like to believe in something so strongly that you are willing to break rules.. I think your comment was outright NASTY and inappropriate, stating and I quote...."If you don't like the School's policy, leave. You are not obligated to attend a charter school. You had to apply. " I give this young man alot of credit for willing to do such a thing, and I hope his MOM stands up for him.. he can get a good education elsewhere and not with others, who feel being enrolled in a " Charter School" makes them better than others...
LizOrrico LizOrrico 5 years
This is a CHARTER school. Every. Single. Person signs the handbook. Students and parents. In the handbook, it states you are allowed to bring a challenge to the board PRIOR to the start of school. So not only is this boy in blatant violation of rules he and his parents agreed to, they didn't actually follow proper protocol either. My guess is, had they gone through proper channels, the board may have made a special case. If you don't like the School's policy, leave. You are not obligated to attend a charter school. You had to apply.
JacquelineStewart92701 JacquelineStewart92701 5 years
No school she be able to dictate how long someone's hair is or is not... This is ridiculous and appalling... Just another law that needs to be made/changed...
NicoleHall67409 NicoleHall67409 5 years
I guess I don't understand why this school is getting away with such blatant sexism. If his hair can't be long then the female students better not be allowed to wear pants
MelissaEllard MelissaEllard 5 years
i would find another school that is supportive but definately notify people about this school because it is sexist. His hair right now is definately in this video not long enough for a hair tie, but i'm sure this guy would tie it back as a comprimse to work with the school when it's long enough so he can achieve his goal. I've now donated 3 times to locks of love, and will donate until i get my first gray hair, i believe in the cause of giving people wigs who can't have hair and i commend the guy to growing hair for it. By the time this boy gets to the real world, his employer may not be able to allow him to so give him the chance while he is still young!
DarcySchultz DarcySchultz 5 years
Whatever, send him to public school then, they don't care. If you break a rule for one student you have to do it for everyone, so I understand their stance. It's a good cause and I commend him for sticking to his promise, but there are other schools he can attend.
KathleenRoland691 KathleenRoland691 5 years
Locks of Love does donate to kids with cancer it the second reason for donations after Alopecia. My daughter donated because her dad has Ectodermal Dysplasia which is another reason a child may get a hairpiece. I like short hair on boys but if he wants to donate why not regardless of the cause.
LeslieFranco LeslieFranco 5 years
maybe nation or even world wide "pressure" will get this school board to change it's mind.... besides that when did hair length become a distraction? The girls there probably have long hair so they should not discriminate against the boys!
MichelleB91875 MichelleB91875 5 years
I didn't think Locks of Love helped kids with cancer as the hair loss is judged temporary. And the school rules are sexist, at the very least.
JoseeFonseca JoseeFonseca 5 years
It's just wrong. After all, kids are the best candidates for donating hair. It's an excellent cause and their's is a sexist policy in the first place. They should be so lucky, God forbid their child should ever need such a donation.
KatieLarson85457 KatieLarson85457 5 years
I can understand the mom and kid being upset about it, but schools do have rules for a reason. Ya know, if they change the rule for this kid, then in a month some other kid is going to want to also. Just like if they have a no tattoo rule or something. Some kid is going to get a tattoo in memory of a family member or some cause and try to relate it back this kid's case. It sounds cold hearted byt it really is the truth. The school is probably thinking more about the people who try and abuse the rules if they bend them just this one time.
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