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Teens Make a Pregnancy Pact

Seventeen students at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts are pregnant and it appears that many made the decision to have babies based on a pact. No doubt, the girls aged 16 and under, many of who took their confirming pregnancy tests at the school nurse's office, are sure to get a lesson in life. Time reported that the expectant young women plan to raise their babies together.

snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
this was in the paper today there was no pact.
carak carak 9 years
omg i'm so tired of people trying to blame Juno for this. first off, Juno didn't even keep her baby. she didn't even want it, but couldn't go through with an abortion so she gave the baby up for adoption. these girls actually want to raise the babies. if you're going to blame anyone in the media, blame Jaime Lynn Spears. she's raising her baby. but the real blame should lay on these girls and their families. who knows if their parents had any idea what was going on, though.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
even if 2 girls only did the "pact", those are girls with head problems, health problems, dumb or very lame or bored. It is not the movies, is the people. and, adopt a pet?? poor pets!
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 9 years
Wow! That's ridiculous and sad all in one. I feel so bad for the babies :-(
zombielove zombielove 9 years
couldn't they just adopt a damn dog or cat? jeez.
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 9 years
Yeah, this story was totally blown out of proportion by the media. There are 18 girls in Gloucester's school program for pregnant teens. Only a few of them even knew each other before they entered the program. Out of all 18, the original report was that 3 or 4 girls made the pact together. I live in MA and the program for pregnant teens is refuting the the pact ever existed in the first place. I agree that Hollywood CANNOT be blamed. Especially not Juno, because that film shows the really horrible, heartbreaking side of teen pregnancy while making plenty of points about why teens shouldn't raise children. There are plenty of teenage mothers in every generation-- there's actually less now than ten years ago. So yes, some girls are idiots, but don't put the blame on media for depicting it.
FahionIsForever FahionIsForever 9 years
It's disturbing but I am not at all shocked. jamie lynn, juno etc... these girls must feel un-loved and need unconditional love. they have just wasted their lives and destroyed their childhood.
lacey72 lacey72 9 years
wow, how ironic that the new show Baby Borrowers is aiming to combat this exact trend. It just makes me sickened and sad to see girls like this who are using motherhood as their only personal identifier in their lives - and selfish too! they should use the Baby Borrowers in their parenting classes so they know what they're getting themselves into -
kmckay kmckay 9 years
i think society is too quick to blame the media for this- yes movies glamorize motherhood at times and hollywood is crazy for pregger ladies at the moment but still... these are kids having kids and something is probably askew in their family life/school. stories like this bother me so much- i know so many adult women who have been trying to conceive for years (me included) and would do anything to be able to bring a baby into this world for reasons other than attention/fitting in/whatever. hopefully they will have a lot of support and be able to at least finish high school. i would bet that within the year all 18 of them will look back and think.. "What were we THINKING?!?!?!"
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
they're just dumb. We can't blame Juno or any movies I see a lot of TV, A LOT. I love Saint Seiya, thundercats, anime stuff, matrix, die hard, but I haven't attack nobody. and there are a lot of people like me (the kind of people who have a life and know the difference between fiction and reality). They are obviously mad, have a head disease or are very very lame/bored. (still my theory that children are getting to puberty at 8 or 9 years old so at 14 they are very very bored and do mad stuff)
Ster Ster 9 years
How ironic, I think in high school one of my biggest fears was getting pregnant and ruining my future. I'm graduating a master's degree soon and I would still not welcome a pregnancy. I agree though that it's too easy blaming Juno or Jamie Lynn for this. The massive hollywood babyboom may play a small part in the glorifying of babies and pregnancy (quote just about any star-mom: "motherhood is sooooooooo amazing"), but there are still a few steps missing between teenage star adoration and a bunch of teenagers willingly getting pregnant. Shortsighted girls.
Leene Leene 9 years
I was a bit too harsh. Sorry. I hope everything turns out fine.
Leene Leene 9 years
How stupid can those girls be? Those are some bad genes they are passing on. Please let there be people who will help these kids and THEIR kids..
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Very disturbing and down right scary. These girls have no clue what they are getting themselves into and I feel so bad for the babies being born to them. I am not saying that a 16yr old is automaticlly a bad mother however in this situation, yes. To make such a pact tell you that something is mentally wrong and that these girls are out of touch with the reality of their decision.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
I watched this on CNN. They even said that a 24 yrs old homeless man to father a few of these young girl's babies. I'm just baffled on why they even think of doing something like this. When I was their age, that's the LAST thing I'd want. Do younger people think that RAISING a child easy or something?
macgirl macgirl 9 years
ohjeeze, I couldn't agree with you more.
Zero_Cool Zero_Cool 9 years
I don't think the movies are to blame. I think the parents need to take control of their children and know what's going on in their lives. When I was in high school we had to take care of fake dolls that acted like real babies. They had sensors in them that the teacher would look at and see if you left the child alone for long periods of time when they were crying. Stuff like that. Yeah, it was annoying, however it was a doll and it was only for a week. I went to a pretty small high school, 200 kids, but no one got pregnant. Not saying the dolls are to take credit, but I'm sure it was helpful.
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
It has nothing to do with Juno or Jamie Lynn. It is about these girls wanting to feel loved and wanting someone to love. It says more about their parents than the entertainment industry although I do feel the pregnancy and parenthood has been extremely romanticized and many young people don't realize what hard work it is.
ohjeeze ohjeeze 9 years
The media is blowing this out of proportion. It wasn't all 18 of the girls who made the pact only a few of them. This does not surprise me at all I read a book called "Going All the Way" about teen female sexuality it is really good it you are interested in the topic. Anyway in the book the author/researcher stated that 30% of teen pregnancies are planned, this book came out in the 90s so I wouldn't be surprised if the number has now risen.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
this is something that will become a reality show. it will follow them through their pregnancies, and beyond and then have a "special" once a year on where the girls and their babies are. and yes, they are probably following someone like juno or jamie lynn.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 9 years
I saw this on the news today and was SHOCKED--it makes me scared to have kids of myself because what will life be like when they get to high school--this is so scary!
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
Whoa this is disturbing. Talk about being out of touch with reality??
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
Wow! This is crazy. I would have never dreamed of trying to get pregnant in high school! I wouldn't even try it now and I'm 21, 1 1/2 yrs away from college graduation, and in a very stable long-term monogamous relationship!
Trixie6 Trixie6 9 years
Cassie - I agree with you completely. They don't know what they're getting themselves into. WTF are they thinking?
k-squared k-squared 9 years
One word: Juno. Pregnancy is so glamorized these days, I'm really not surprised.
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