Is it really a big deal when boys use the women's restroom or girls use the men's lavatory? Yesterday, I was waiting in a long bathroom line in Target when a woman turned and glared at the mother and six-year-old child behind her and commented, "He's a BOY isn't he? Why is he in this line?" before turning back around in a huff.

Though the mom simply chose to ignore the woman, the situation was obvious. She was shopping alone with her young son and one or both of them aren't comfortable with him taking solo trips to the men's bathroom yet. In this day and age, parents tend to be protective. To avoid people taking issue with this practice, many malls, restaurants and other public places have created family lounges where moms and dads can change their infant's diapers, accompany their offspring to the facility and tend to their needs.

What's your opinion on children of the opposite sex in public restrooms?