An expectant mommy is faced with a sleuth of important decisions, but none so important as deciding whether or not to bank her babe's cord blood — the blood that remains in your baby's umbilical cord after it has been cut.

Preserving your newborn's cord blood to potentially treat life-threatening diseases (such as cancer) is gaining momentum. However, the use of stem cells remains controversial, expensive (popular cord blood banks charge around $2000, with a $125 yearly storage fee), and there is no way to tell if your baby (or another family member) will ever have a need for it. Even during these tough financial times, many parents are opting to dish out the dough in hopes that it could be vital in the event of medical need. Others are deciding against it due to finances or other reasons. Have you banked your baby's cord blood, or will you in the future? Or did you already decide against it?