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It's not unusual to see a youngster sipping a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino these days, but does the caffeinated beverage and wee ones mix? While a mama giving her child a sip of her cup o' Joe is one thing, a flight attendant getting an 8-year-old girl a Venti Starbucks coffee is quite another. The parents of Payton Parkerson are upset after their child flew Northwest Airlines's unaccompanied minor program (which costs an additional $100 each way) and was advised to buy a large coffee by the airline attendant who was caring for the charge during a layover in Detroit, The drink had six times the caffeine of a can of Coke and allegedly made the child fall ill and vomit on the plane. While this is an extreme situation, do you think coffee is ever appropriate for children?

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mhg mhg 8 years
both my boys, almost 4 and 22 months, love coffee. they want sips of it when i have mine. i'm preggo, so it's generally decaf, but i see nothing wrong w/ letting them have a little bit, even if it's caffeinated. i'll give them each a little cup if we're having a lazy morning. they don't drink soda, EVER, and drink milk and water for everything else. giving a child a venti, caffeinated drink w/o parental consent is a bit much. but a little here and there is no big deal.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 8 years
I would never allow my children to drink coffee (ages 8 and 6) not even a sip. If they are thirsty they drink water, watered down punch, juice and on occasion very watered down soda and they don't even know the difference. I got so upset with my grandfather one time for giving my son a sip of coffee, thankfully he didn't like it.
sofi sofi 8 years
It is just insane to allow that child to have a venti coffee! I would be pissed if I put my child in someone else's care and they did something like that. My kids at 7 and 4 have never had soda or coffee because I see no need and there is no desire to try it on their part. Having a sip or a little bit here or there doesn't bother me, but fortunately they have not asked to try it.
medenginer medenginer 8 years
The flight attendant was wrong she could have given her something that made her have a reaction far worse. She could have been intolerant to something in the coffee. I drink coffee but my 11 year old doesn't get any drink with caffeine. I don't want to start an addiction to coffee or soda this early in his life.
Sarana Sarana 8 years
It's strange she got her coffee, it's even stranger she got her a Venti size! I've never drank anything bigger than Tall size, mostly have short size and it's plenty, why would anyone get a Venti size for a child?
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I have loved coffee since I was 10 and my daughter likes coffee and she's only 3! She only gets the occasional sips here and there but that's it or the last swig of a Starbucks drink, I'd rather buy her a smoothie which I usually do if I'm getting something from Starbucks since for me its a treat. Otherwise I drink tea when I'm at home. I say moderation is the key for every diet.
Danni99 Danni99 8 years
I don't allow my 8 year old or my 6 year old to drink coffee, aside from the occasional sip of mine if I get a specialty drink from a coffee house. It's for 3 reasons, 1, neither my husband or I *are* coffee drinkrs to begin with, so it's never around, 2, we limit their caffiene consumption to 1 can/drink per day of each weekend day, and 3, the whole starbucks addiction is expensive. I'd like to avoid getting my kids into the habit of enjoying a 7 dollar drink for as long as possible! ;-)
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 8 years
My 9 year old likes a shot of coffee in her milk. She likes the flavor and it's not enough to keep her up or make her sick.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I don't think there's anything wrong with a child having caffeine if their parent is the one to make that decision. What was the flight attendant thinking?
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
I have been drinking coffee since I was 8 because I loved the taste of it, but in moderation, My mom would make me a small cup but it was mostly milk. It doesnt stunt your growth btw, that is a myth long since debunked. In this instance, the flight attendent was dead wrong to give this child that coffee.
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