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Whenever I make small treats for my children the classic scene from Mermaids where Winona Ryder's character explains her mother, played by Cher, only makes "fun finger foods" — like "cheeseball pick-me-ups accompanied by miniature franks and for dessert, marshmallow kebabs" — pops into my mind. While I couldn't even guess what goes into a "pick-me-up," there's an undeniable appeal to making mini bite-sized treats for tots. They offer less mess, less leftovers, and can occasionally trick children into eating their veggies. That being said, it's important to teach children to eat like grownups and not expect someone will cut their crust forever. Do you make special bite-sized portions for your hungry brood?

lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
no. but i do things like cut the crusts off sandwiches and peel, core and slice apples, etc. my girls are really picky and the middle one is too thin, so i try and give them things they really like. of course then you ask yourself if you are making the issue worse by having them expect EXACTLY what they want EVERYTIME?
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