When you're pregnant it seems everyone wants to know all about you. When are you due? Boy or a girl? Have you picked a name? Are you eating fish? Do you have hemorrhoids? Avoiding questions and belly rubbers can take serious tactics, but what of sharing tales post pregnancy?

While sitting in a waiting room recently I struck up a conversation with the two other women in the room, one pregnant and one a mother. The mother-to-be was glowing, and proudly showed us her "large mango" belly while admitting she's hasn't suffered any morning sickness or discomfort yet. While I am very candid about my pregnancies and experiences as a mom, I try not to bombard others (particularly those who are carrying a child for the first time!) so I listened intently and relished her happiness and excitement about bringing a baby into the world. The other mother was less reserved, and much to the chagrin of the rest of the room, said during labor she felt like her "uterus was going to just jump out of her body."

Do you find yourself sharing battle stories and pregnancy tales with strangers, or do you hold your tongue?