My son surprised me on the ride home yesterday when he leaped from his seat while I was driving. I hadn't forgotten to buckle him in or secure the harness. For the past few months he's been slowly, but surely, learning to wiggle his way out of the carseat. He used to suck in his breath before slipping one arm out, followed by the other. Then, he'd use both hands and all the pressure the lil rascal could muster to pinch the red button until it released. That was all before he realized that he could lift the Velcro flap and latch to loosen the straps himself. But, now my guy has become impatient and honestly, I can't blame him. To see why I feel bad for the guy,


I paid a bundle for the carseat, which was supposed to accommodate him until he weighed 60 pounds, barely fits. He's tall for 21-months and average weight so it's a bit ridiculous that we are cramming him into contraption that had a label saying it would suffice until he was six years old. His limbs hang and he looks pretty uncomfortable, but it's the law so there's nothing much I can do aside from explore other options and cross my fingers he tips the scales at 33 pounds sooner than later so we can move him to the built-in tot seat in our vehicle. Have you run into this dilemma?