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My son surprised me on the ride home yesterday when he leaped from his seat while I was driving. I hadn't forgotten to buckle him in or secure the harness. For the past few months he's been slowly, but surely, learning to wiggle his way out of the carseat. He used to suck in his breath before slipping one arm out, followed by the other. Then, he'd use both hands and all the pressure the lil rascal could muster to pinch the red button until it released. That was all before he realized that he could lift the Velcro flap and latch to loosen the straps himself. But, now my guy has become impatient and honestly, I can't blame him. To see why I feel bad for the guy,


I paid a bundle for the carseat, which was supposed to accommodate him until he weighed 60 pounds, barely fits. He's tall for 21-months and average weight so it's a bit ridiculous that we are cramming him into contraption that had a label saying it would suffice until he was six years old. His limbs hang and he looks pretty uncomfortable, but it's the law so there's nothing much I can do aside from explore other options and cross my fingers he tips the scales at 33 pounds sooner than later so we can move him to the built-in tot seat in our vehicle. Have you run into this dilemma?

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iieee_grrl iieee_grrl 9 years
We payed a TON for our Britax carseat, and while he did look a little giant-like in his carseat, it was the fact that he was SO easily able to get out of it that concerned me. He was able to unclasp the chest belt at 2 years old. It was pretty hard to latch when we first got it, but after a year of use it was so loose that I could unlatch it with one finger. I called Britax and they said that they are working on a solution for the future but there is no way to fix it - the lady actually suggested zip ties!!! All that money down the tubes for something he can wiggle out of easily.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
we just moved up to the britax roundabout (i heard MANY a glowing review) and so far... our lil one's liking it & i love the velcro bit for the straps! we bought two on sale (at babyage for $179 and free shipping btw) because they were "collegiate" editions that must not have sold well...but so far we really like em. He's only 21 lbs tho. I will keep the graco nautilus in mind tho.... we also got a third one used... on craigslist (that is IMMACULATE btw) for grammy's car.
Greggie2 Greggie2 9 years
There's a Radian as well that goes up to 65 lbs or more. I also wouldn't put my 3 year old in a BPB. I'm not even comfortable with that at 4 and am glad both my kids were good in 5 pts until about 5 years old. If you're unhappy with a Britax, I'd put it on craigslist or something. They're in pretty high demand.
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 9 years
We had Britax, and well, let's just say, we were less than thrilled. Didn't last as long as we had hoped. But, if I may suggest a car seat - Graco Nautilus!!! Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention LOVE) this carseat! our son, also LOVES this carseat. I'm so sad I just discovered it, but oh well. So, here's my pitch - it's TRULY convertable, from whatever the low weight is (20#'s I guess) to 100 lbs. What sold us was the fact that it's a 5-point harness up to 65 lbs!!!! We're not ready to put our 3 (4 in September) year old into a belt positioning booster. Call me paranoid, but that just made me very uneasy. So, with the Nautilus, you can have 5-point until 65 lbs, then you can truly convert to a belt positioning high back booster, and if you so desire, you can also eventually convert it to a backless booster. But, aside from all that, it's heavy as all heck (some complain) but it's got a steel frame, so that's a huge safety plus for me. And, we installed it in the backseat of our '05 Toyota Tundra, and it's got a perfect recline (way better than our old Britax), our monkey is very comfortable (he even tries to *sleep* on his way to preschool). It's got a cupholder that doesn't get in the way. For us, this is the *perfect* car seat for him. In fact, I'm probably going to buy another one to put into our storage unit for when #2 is ready to go forward facing. It's definitely worth the lookie loo. When we compared the larger Britax vs. this seat, the Graco won hands down. It was more compact, but without sacrificing comfort, it's more affordable (hey, when it comes to safety, money is not the consideration, but when you're comparing two products that are essentially the same and you tend to like one more than the other, AND it's $100 less expensive - yah, that eventually factors in), and I love the long term versatility of this seat. So, if we decide to have a 3rd kidlett, we can move this seat into the non-latch back seat position as a belt positioning seat. Okay, I'll step off my product soap box. :lol:
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
I **just** moved my (tiny) three year old from her Britax Roundabout to the Britax Regent. I LOVE it. The higher weight limit is great. She still fit in her roundabout but it was looking small on her. She's 27 pounds. I'm seriously thinking about buying one for my larger than average 6 year old, who I can't keep in his seatbelt on. I'm leaning towards it because of the internal harness and high weight limit. We definately love the new seat!!!!
Greggie2 Greggie2 9 years
My children have never been able to get out of their harnesses either. The chest clip and snugness of it makes it impossible to slip a shoulder out. My middle child would've found a way if there was one. I'm always accused of treating my kids like astronauts, I make the straps so tight. *lol* You can flip the buckle, though, so that the button is against their groin instead of to the outside. It makes it hard for you to undo as well, but it's a precaution.
Mommy-of-Three Mommy-of-Three 9 years
Check out the website It is a great resource for all things carseat related. They should be able to give you some advice on your situation. My almost 2 year old is rear facing in a Britax Marathon and cannot undo her harness. Usually if a child can wiggle out of the harness it it too loose or too low. If the harness is on correctly you can try things that will discourage him from loosening the harness.
Greggie2 Greggie2 9 years
There's a height limit as well. Some children do reach the height limit before the weight limit. But it's also common for kids to look too big for their carseats and still be fine. A carseat that's tested up to 60 or 65 lbs is safe up to that weight, assuming the height is within the limits as well. If he's only 21 months old and not fitting into the carseat, my advice would be to call the manufacturer and see if you're missing a step on adjusting straps or something. My son was a little tall for his age but thin, and fit into his regular Triumph (up to 40 lbs) until he was five, so I'd be really surprised if a Britax truly didn't fit a 21 month old unless he's off the chart on height. Which is certainly possible. And I can't log in as me at all anymore. I had to make a new ID.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
everyone lies
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
I'll be interested to read the comments. I am planning to purchase a Britax convertible seat next week and am debating on one that has a higher weight limit (65 lb vs. 40 lb). But after reading this, it sounds like that might be a mistake if kids typically outgrow them quickly.
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