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Tell Mommy: How Do You Encourage Your Child's Creativity?

Tell Mommy: How Do You Encourage Your Child's Creativity?

Last night's Oscar acceptance speeches were filled with praise and adoration for encouraging and understanding parents. I was moved to tears when Heath Ledger won a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in The Dark Knight and his family accepted the award on behalf of darling daughter Matilda, but also touched by Original Score winner A. R. Rahman. The Slumdog Millionaire music man quoted a line from a Hindi film that says, "I have nothing, but I have a mother," which sent chills down my spine. Of course, it would be remiss to ignore first time winner and one of my favorite Oscar nominated parents, Kate Winslet, who solicited a loud whistle from her father and dedicated her award to her children.

It is ever clear that parents play a critical role in supporting and fostering a love of the arts in their children. How do you encourage yours to be creative and express their artistic and musical talents?

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lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
they have taken art classes and voice lessons, done plays, etc. but i was just saying to my dad last night, i wouldn't encourage them to go into a career in the arts. it's too uncertain, too much you have no control over. i want my kids to get a degree or 2 and have a career in which they can pretty much always be assured of a job. plus, i was amazed at how talented those people were! i forgot that jackman had done broadway, and wasn't anne hathaway a good singer?! i'm guessing that just like people who are elite athletes, if showbiz is in your thing it's pretty obvious early on. how many people are beautiful, can sing, dance, act, have great bodies, confidence, and are charmastic?
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