Moms in the making think and even worry about the expenses offspring will bring — the price of diapers, wipes and formula adds up, but most parents-to-be focus more on the college fund, than one for the hospital. When my daughter was born, we joked that she was a bargain because my co-payment was something like $10 for her birth. A few years later when my son made his debut, our insurance had changed and he set us back a few more Benjamins — to the tune of $3,500. But, we still felt lucky when we saw the grand tally that came in the mail and was offset by our coverage.

In light of the economy and unemployment rates, a recent New York Times article reported on the realities uninsured mothers face. When a very pregnant Starla Darling, 27, found out she was going to lose her job and health insurance, she had her labor induced and ended up with an emergency c-section and a hefty $17,000 bill that the company won't cover.

Were you surprised by the amount of your baby's bill — what portion did you have to pay?