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When my first born was a baby, my husband and I dipped into a low-key wine bar for a late-afternoon glass of wine. The wee one was sound asleep and we were excited for a little adult time. Upon entering the bar the hostess told us that she was sorry, but no one under 21 was allowed inside. My husband and I laughed that we were still getting IDed with a baby in tow, but humored her as we took out our IDs. We were shocked to find out she had something else in mind. To find out what happened next, just


The hostess politely told us that she was not referring to us, but that our child was not allowed in the bar as she was under age. True as it was, I had never experienced such a thing — I revealed to her that my 4-month old was indeed a heavy drinker, but that I didn't think they had my breastmilk on tap. Despite my sarcasm, we were told that the baby was not allowed and that we needed to leave. We left annoyed and ended up enjoying a drink at home, but have you ever experienced a situation where you were welcome but your child was not?

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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
There are plenty of bar/grills that have a bar section and a dining section. Sometimes I notice that the waitresses put all the kids on the same half of the room. I would be absolutely shocked to see a baby in a bar, even if it is a classier wine bar. Childrens Protective Services has been called for less, you know.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
and i really don't think any of the above posters were talking about taking your kid out in general...
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Relli: There is a (big) difference between bringing your baby to brunch (okay), mall (okay), park (okay), grocery store (okay) and bringing a baby to a BAR (not okay). The legislature has enacted a law that states that states that no one under the age of 21 is allowed in a bar. If parents have an issue with that they should take it to State house. I don't have children but we're trying for baby number one. Personally, I love kids and am one to ooooh and ahhh over little ones at restaurants. But when I'm out with friends, late, at a bar, I don't expect children to be there. And, like snarky said, I fail to see how bringing you kid to a bar/ club socializes them ! Personally, I would hope that children stay OUT of bars until they are old enough.
Relli80 Relli80 7 years
The pedestal comment was in regards to the people who do not have children and yet find themselves to be the authority on them. Both were in reference to taking a child out in GENERAL not about the bar. Because most people would not consider it ok to take anyone under 21 to a bar, duh.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
just because i don't have kids doesn't mean i put myself on a pedestal. it's a BAR!!! it's not a restaurant or a store or an airplane. there is an age restriction on who can enter a bar, and i see no problem with them wanting to follow the rules. how socialized would a baby get at a bar anyway?
Relli80 Relli80 7 years
Wow, the first few post look like they came from some hung over patrons of brunch who give evil glances when god forbid i bring my child out so i can have some table service. The thing is that there is balance to everything, even taking your child out. Breakfast and lunch is ok but dinner after 7 is for adults only. There is a bar and grill i frequent who will not let in anyone under 21 even though it near a national icon that attracts people of all ages (the sears tower) which i think is odd but given the waitresses attire I can understand. I do however get annoyed with general attitude of people who do not have kids and their undying need to put hose who choose to have kids down. Its a choice both ways, neither side is right or wrong. But putting yourself on a pedestal because you do not have kids sucks, and you know what kids grow up and become adults and if they are not socialized then we will a whole generation of socially challenged people.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
There's nothing *wrong* per se about having a baby in a bar. I doubt lil and her husband were going to funnel booze down their baby's throat. But the law says that the drinking age is 21, and most bars don't allow anyone under the legal age. That applies to a napping baby. Also, just the fact that it's a nice bar. Suppose the baby woke up and started crying? If lil and her husband wanted some adult time, I'm sure all of the other people in that bar wanted adult time, too. Parents today have such a sense of entitlement. (I'm not a parent yet, so don't think I'm comparing you to my generation or something.) Rules apply to everyone, childfree and childed. Just because you gave birth doesn't make you special. Sorry Lilsugar, but you have no right to be indignant or annoyed. Rules are rules.
melanie1422 melanie1422 7 years
Its illegal in my state to have children in a bar - period. I was out one afternoon with some friends, playing pool, and someone wanted to bring a kid in for a minute just to use the bathroom. The police officer at the next table said absolutely not, or they would revoke the bar's liquor license.
handbagbride handbagbride 7 years
I agree with the other posters. A (wine) bar is not an appropriate place for a baby, sorry.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
i agree with the other posters. if they let one baby in, they have to get them all in. and the last thing i would want at a nice wine bar is some screaming babies ruining my nice afternoon. doesn't matter how good/young your kid is. others might not be as quiet/well-behaved.
Deidre Deidre 7 years
I can see how you and hubby would be grateful to get in a little adult time while your kid is napping. But any establishment has the right to determine their level of clientele (in this case, they wanted to keep their bar adult for the rest of the folks there). The hard fact is that even if your child has angelic behavior, a bar/restaurant doesn't know that -- they may have a blanket "no kids" rule so they don't have to make exceptions on a case by case basis. The same goes for weddings and parties. A good compromise here could have been going to a more family-friendly restaurant to enjoy your glass of wine. Life changes when you have a kid. You can enjoy the wine bars with your child when he/she is 21 :)
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
They absolutely had the right to turn you away, you can't really be annoyed about that.. It's the rules of the establishment and by going there, you agree to abide by them. That being said, in the very early months of a baby's life, they don't do much. They lay there, they eat, they sleep. The first few months are the absolute easiest to bring a baby out to a public place. They sleep in their carrier until they need to eat/poop, and then generally go back to sleep, and have very few times where they just cry to cry. It's really not that outrageous for them to still be toting the baby wherever they normally go.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Um, if a bar only allows those under 21, then you shouldn't bring your baby. I don't get what that seems so outrageous.
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