Tell Mommy: What Do Moms Do That Dads Don't Do?

In Motherhood, which comes out today, Uma Thurman plays Eliza, a Manhattan stay-at-home mom of two who is planning her daughter's sixth birthday party while trying to finish a parenting magazine contest entry on the topic "What does motherhood mean to you?" Small potatoes, right? The film takes place in one day, examining Eliza's cluttered life — the early morning rush of getting the kids ready, the dog, the apartments (she and her husband have set up shop in a bohemian one bedroom and studio), inability to do it all despite the pressure to be perfect, and quest to make it all mean something.

The film, which BuzzSugar has a review of, was ripe with "been there" mommy moments, but it was a bittersweet quote from Eliza's daughter that brought a single sappy tear and smile to my face.

"Moms do everything, dads only do some things. It's different."

We all have our fair share of mom FAIL moments, and it takes effort to remain content with our choices and sacrifices, but sometimes it's the unintentional, unbiased recognition from a child that reminds us how wonderful motherhood is and how appreciated we are as mothers whether our children know how to verbalize it or not. So be honest and pat yourself on the back here: Is there something you do — or provide — as a mother that their father doesn't do?

My husband does a lot for our son! We bottle fed, so hubby was even in on the feeding action. He loved it! He can burp a baby with two pats. He is an amazing father and husband.
We are pretty equal when it comes to childcare and household tasks. I do most of the research about development and different parenting techniques that I want to try, safe toys, etc. etc., so that might be the one thing that sets us apart. I make a lot of the decisions when it comes to dealing with health situations and toys and whatnot, because I have done the research. Otherwise, he is a wonderful daddy who does his share. And like the first two posters said, I breastfed, but, clearly the father can't do that :)
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