Does the daddy in your life ever throw your parenting skills a much welcomed curve ball? An expectant Sugar staffer recently shared an experience that almost everyone can relate to. She said:

"I've always deemed myself the so-called baby whisperer between my husband and me. But over the weekend while playing with our seven-month-old niece, he was able to bring more giggles and smiles to her face than anyone in the house. As it turns out, my hubby has the uncanny ability to make noises and faces silly enough to drive anyone to laughter, but especially those still wearing diapers. Knowing that he is able to forgo his manliness in an effort to make a baby smile is enough to melt my heart, and it also gets me excited to see him bring endless smiles to our little one when she arrives."

Many women pride themselves in their inherent ways with children, but men do too. Tell mommy what your husband is better at when it comes to the kiddos.