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As moms we deal. We quickly figure out that things don't always go as planned and that bodily fluids aren't a big deal and that no matter how much we wish for our children, life's a gamble. But, there comes a moment or incident in every mama's life, maybe even several, when we wonder how in the heck we got ourselves into the situation. Mine came in the Arizona airport last summer when my then one-year-old son pitched the fit of all fits and I feared we'd be put on the "do not fly list." Though almost a year has passed, I still shudder from flashbacks. What was your lousy or overwhelming mommy moment?


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Roarman Roarman 8 years
When my daughter was 3 years old, she was a flower girl in my sister's wedding. She was excited about it. She got to wear a fancy dress and shoes and throw flower petals. Well the weekend came and from the moment we got to the hotel she was a terro. She refused to participate in the rehearsal. Wailing and crying in the corner. When the wedding day came, she got in her dress then when it came time for her to walk down the aisle and throw the petals, she refused. So we went around her and as I was walking to take my post up front she starts following me and pulling on my dress while screaming and crying. Someone took her out in the hall, but all you could here were her screams. Then when we were doing pictures, she was still screaming and crying and every now and then would break loose from whoever was restraining her and run into the picture and yank at me. It was a nightmare. There are not many pictures of me at my sister's wedding as we spent most of the time in the bathroom so as not to bother all of the other guests. After about 1. 5 hours she calmed down and we joined the reception. She was fine the rest of the time. Partying away like nothing had happened. I still shudder to think about it.
MommaChel MommaChel 8 years
While my little guy is only a year old, he's already testing me haha! It was the first time he got a tummy problem, a few months back. I got about 3 hours of sleep that night because he didn't want to be more than 3 feet away from me! Then came the exorcismal vomiting. Oh gawd... 6 times! It was 3 am! I didn't know whether to call the hospital or sit it out until he was done and see what happened then. I know that's what being a new mommy's all about, but that was scary!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I honestly can't recall any incidents where my daughter caused me a headache and made me wonder why? The only thing I can think of is when she was teething and cried for 12 hours. I was more upset at my husband than her cause he wouldn't help me at all! I had a migraine and had to have my mom come and help me. But even then I was only second guessing the marriage not the kid! Luckily he's grown up since!
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