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Telling Your Child to Apologize

Do You & Your Tot Apologize to Keep Peace at the Playground?

No mom wants her child to be considered the "punk" of the playground, but does that pressure lead to a lot of unnecessary apologies? So many personalities and parenting styles converge in the sandbox that there's bound to be someone who shakes things up. To keep the calm between adults and children, do you ever (or ask your tot to) say sorry for something when it's not really warranted?

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mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Sometimes it is just easier to suck it up and say sorry, even when you know you don't need to. That's not just at the playground though. I find that in life, it can be easier to apologize and move on than to let something build up. Of course, you should never become a pushover, so there has to be a balance!
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