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Temper Tantrum

First Furious Fit

They say there's a first for everything. And the other day it was my daughter's first furious fit.

Early in the day, she enjoyed breakfast followed with a hardy nap. When she woke from it, she was more like a crazed animal than my sweet daughter.

To see what happened,


Straight out of the crib, my bookworm babe repeatedly said, "Book!" so I gave her a book. She tossed it across the room and then started whaling, "Boooooooook!" Confused, I kept trying to hand her book after book.

Then, I sat her on my lap and attempted to read her favorite story. She finally calmed down a bit. Thinking the battle was over, I tried to finish dressing her. But, just as soon as the first sock went on, the tears and wails returned — only this round was worse.

Snot was draining as much as her crocodile tears. I took her to my bed in an attempt to lie down and read another book to her. She arched, screamed and writhed around until I finally gave up. Despite her saddened red face, I struggled to put socks and shoes on her tiny feet.

As soon as that task was complete, I took her outside for a walk, which always makes her happy. The fresh air and sunshine were just what the doctor ordered.

Peace was restored – eyes were dry and she was smiling from ear to ear.

I have my suspicions, but will never know what set her off.

Has this ever happened to you? What was your baby's first fit?

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