As a mom, it's hard to find an opportunity to get through a good book, but you should make time for this one. On Sunday, I allowed my kids to empty all three of their toy boxes and jump on the bed because I could not put down Accidentally on Purpose: A One-Night Stand, My Unplanned Parenthood, And Loving the Best Mistake I Ever Made ($25). It cost me an hour of cleanup once I closed the text, but I didn't mind. Mary Pols' honest and witty must read transcends the typical mommy book and unfolds like the best movie you've never seen.

It's the true story of a 39-year-old film critic who conceived a child during a one-night stand with a man 10 years her junior after meeting at a bar. The couple forges a friendship with benefits as they prepare to raise the baby together. To see why I highly recommend reading it,


The book touches on life, death, and circumstance in such a manner that you will find yourself laughing out loud and brought to tears rooting for Mary, who braves pregnancy despite the stigma that accidental single motherhood brings, and falling for her baby daddy, Matt. Beyond being unemployed and living like a college student, Matt teaches Mary that sometimes chance encounters allow for life's greatest accomplishments — in this case, their son, Dolan.