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Texting Tweens Medication Reminders

Use your tween's texting obsession to your advantage. Parents who wish their kids independence, but need to remind them to take their meds can quit the nagging and turn to technology. When children are preoccupied with school, friends, dating and Hannah Montana, they tend to forget to take the pills and injections that regulate their asthma, diabetes and other ailments.

A recent CNN article on the experiment said:

Of necessity, parents start turning over more health responsibilities to their children at this age. It's also an age of angst, sometimes rebellion, and when youths may most hate feeling different from their friends because of medication, special diets or other therapy.

To see the specifics,


Statistics show that a good number of tweens and teens are not adhering to treatment whether it be for social reasons or forgetfulness. So Ohio doctors are experimenting with text reminders. It said:

Participants say what time they want the reminder, and a clinic volunteer types out the messages -- words spelled out, no mimicking of kids' text lingo.

What do you think of this idea?


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kittyhill kittyhill 9 years
I think it's a good idea. Kids feel important when they feel their cell phones vibrate with a text message, so an extra text is probably welcome. Plus, this way kids are maintaining their independence from parents' constant reminders while still making sure they take their meds & stay healthy.
SusanT1 SusanT1 9 years
No need to wait! Parents and teens can set up their own text reminders right now on You can use the service for free - for awhile - and test it for yourself. It works like a charm for me! I have to use eye drops twice a day and I'd NEVER remember - if I didn't get my text msgs. It's really cool that my phone is actually helping me stay healthy! :D
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