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A Thank You Letter to School Uniforms

Dear School Uniforms, My Kids May Hate You, but I Love You

Dear School Uniforms,

Many schools across America are switching to you for their students. The kids may hate you, but as a parent whose children attend a school that enforces uniforms, I sure as hell love you.

Thank you, school uniforms, for decreasing the amount of laundry I have to do by an unfathomable amount every week. Instead of the normal five loads of different colored clothes I'd have to wash, I now only have two. Fewer loads of laundry equals less electricity, which also equals more money in mama's pocket and more sanity in my always-stressed brain. Thank you for also arriving stiff as hell, so that I don't have to iron your pants and jumpers at the beginning of the school year. You really know how to make a girl feel seen.

Thank you for making mornings with my children go smoother. Instead of me being the bad guy and crushing my first-grader's fashion desire to wear red polka-dot shorts with an orange striped shirt to school, she has no choice but to wear you. And instead of arguing with my tween about wearing short shorts, you're there for her every single day. Oh, how many fights you've helped me avoid.


Last but certainly not least, thank you, school uniforms, for teaching our youth that fashion, popular brands, and expensive clothing aren't everything. Instead of worrying about whether their shirt is "cool" enough or their pants look "hipster" enough to fit in with their peers, our children are able to focus on more important things in school, like learning and making friends.

So, thank you, school uniforms. I am so glad for the plaid.

Love Always,
A Grateful Mom

Image Source: Pexels / 周 康
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