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The 1 Thanksgiving DIY That Will Get Every Generation Interacting

Crafter extraordinaire Darcy Miller Nussbaum has created the ultimate Thanksgiving family game: a seasonal cootie catcher. The smell of sticky vinyl school bus seats will return to you as you use your index fingers and thumbs to open and close the contraption. And while the cootie catcher brings serious nostalgia for parents, this classic pastime will be just as fun and relevant to your kids today. Since this specific cootie catcher is filled with inquiries about what you're thankful for (rather than who you'll marry), Darcy suggests making a bunch and then scattering across the dining table to get guests of all generations talking and interacting over their blessings. Head to Darcy's website for the full Thanksgiving cootie catcher DIY instructions, then get crafting!

Image Source: Darcy Miller Designs
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