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Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Family?

Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Family?

British parenting website Bounty recently conducted a study to identify what the "best" combinations of children are:

And here are the results from the "best" to "worst":

1. Two girls
2. One boy and one girl
3. Two boys

See whole list here

Tell us about your family combination.

Image Source: via Bounty

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AlyciaBlough AlyciaBlough 6 years
Yes the house is more chaos with 3 or 4 - that is more children!
KarinAntal KarinAntal 6 years
LOL! What about 3 boys? My family is a crazy mess.
ElisabethIswariMH ElisabethIswariMH 6 years
boy or them always..that's what makes it perfect!
SarahLopez12445 SarahLopez12445 6 years
What a crock of sh*t!
CoMMember13629809877207 CoMMember13629809877207 6 years
what should be happy with what you have x
AndreaRaposoCasquilho AndreaRaposoCasquilho 6 years
Spend time doing something really resourseful. Who's to say what is perfect or not. I have a boy and a girl, that to me is perfect
StacyWalker75283 StacyWalker75283 6 years
that's interesting, since everyone I know who has little girls right now says girls are horrible lol!! And where do you fit if you have less than 2 or more than 4 children?
TearsaInnis TearsaInnis 6 years
Let's at home we have one girl and two boys. But in total, we have four boys and one girl and she is the one in the middle.
JenniDunfee JenniDunfee 6 years
Bec Loveday summed it up perfectly.
NikkiMatthews NikkiMatthews 6 years
meh. i think my boys are perfect :)
CoMMember13628620688822 CoMMember13628620688822 6 years
then my family is double perfect - 4 girls!
CristiBethencourt CristiBethencourt 6 years
I have girl girl boy girl...i think that you adjust to whatever you are dealt with, essentially making your family, the "perfect" family. I wouldnt change my life for's awesome!
NasimHurmal NasimHurmal 6 years
oh and i have a three year old daughter already
NasimHurmal NasimHurmal 6 years
i want three kids two girls and one boy i don't care what they say i'm gonna have my 3 before i reach 30 and i'm 25 now so i'm def working on it LOL
FionaBulcraig FionaBulcraig 6 years
We have a boy & girl - he is more placid & easygoing than she is (he was our 'perfect' toddler) & she is more full-on, active & outgoing. Perfect combo - regardless of gender, I reckon. You gotta be content with what you have. :)
BecLoveday BecLoveday 6 years
The perfect family is where all children are lived and parents are loved and respected... Gender or number of children cannot determine the "perfect family".... Any family where children are involved is perfect in my eyes... As they are all a gift, that's why we struggle so much to have them....
SophieKendall SophieKendall 6 years
I have a boy and a girl and sometimes they fight over toys, but other than that they're fine with eachother. And I find my girl is harder to handle than my boy but maybe that's because she's older, lol
CoMMember13625605121548 CoMMember13625605121548 6 years
Its whatever works. For some people a perfect family is big, for others it is small. For some it is all girls some it is boys some it is both. Its a very subjective issue.
CoMMember13611841342612 CoMMember13611841342612 6 years
I think it is all subjective...what is best for my family is not necessary best for yours...I do happen to have 2 girls, however, my sister has 2 boys & I (and she) would honestly say she would not be as happy with girls...
CoMMember13628954538344 CoMMember13628954538344 6 years
woohoo i hav d best lol!!!!!!!!
RebeccaKjestineJacobsen RebeccaKjestineJacobsen 6 years
Whatever. I love having nothing but boys!!!
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