One of my best friends is 24 weeks pregnant and on bed rest.

Since I went through 41 weeks of near blissful pregnancy, I can't imagine being laid up on my back for that long so I thought of things a friend could do to help a bedridden buddy.

To see my list,


  • Make sure she has a comfortable robe.
  • Purchase cozy socks and slippers.
  • Bring lotions and stretch mark creams.
  • Dress her in nice sleepwear.
  • Load her up with exciting books, magazines, DVDs.
  • If she doesn't have a laptop computer, see if you know someone who can lend her one so she can surf the net, email in bed, and get her dose of lilsugar.
  • Buy her a plentiful pregnancy journal so she can jot down her thoughts. Writing can be therapeutic and a good way to kill time.
  • For a pal who doesn't have a television in her bedroom, spoil her with a Slingbox.
  • Arrange for a beautician to come over and give her a manicure and pedicure.
  • Bring dinners, snacks, and flowers on occasion.
  • Offer to pick up groceries or do some laundry.

If you're not able to supply these yourself, get a group of friends to pitch in on a group effort. And if these are all a bit too much, a phone call or visit is always appreciated.