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Things That Mom Teaches You

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Making confident and smart choices for you and your family gives you total boss status. We've partnered with Total Wireless to offer tips and tricks for making family life more organized, efficient, and fun.

As a child, it's virtually impossible to grasp the rationale behind your parents' childrearing decisions. I remember questioning more than a few of the parenting decisions that my mom made, especially during the (gasp!) teen years. When I would push back, she'd calmly explain her point of view and then say, "you'll see when you're a parent . . . " With an eye-roll and a 'yea, yea,' I would shrug it off, unable to even conceive of that notion with an adolescent mind.

Decades later, now as a mom of three, I have much more insight, understanding, and appreciation for the choices she made for me. I am appreciative of the many lessons my mom has taught me over the years, and watching her evolve into a grandparent has continued to reinforce those important lessons, like:

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