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MeganHosang1389945499 MeganHosang1389945499 3 years

Wow people. These aren't meant to be the end all of how you raise your son! They are just a few suggestions that will go a long way toward shaping your child to be a gentleman. Take it with a grain of salt. Better yet, take what you need and leave the rest.
Then calm down..acting like an idiot online will show him how to be a judgemental and emotionally uncontrolled individual. Let's teach peace and that other peoples ideals are important so they learn to be not just monetary providers or fix-it guys, but also sensitive and kind to all. Pay it forward... (I believe that's all in the bible as well, in different verbiage, of course.)
One thing I didn't learn from my mom that I have made a point to do each and everyday...
is to smile and be happy when I wake him up in the morning. He is almost 7 now and I am proud to say that I constantly get compliments on how positive and sweet he is. :)
Have a wonderful day and smile a lot and so will they!

RosaBullard1389578903 RosaBullard1389578903 3 years

I agree with Robyn. I'm so grateful my husband can barbecue and is a great handy man. He didn't know anything back we was 17 and 18 but now he knows how to do it all. My husband grew up to be a great man, father and great provider. Man like that are dying breed.

RobynAlmeida RobynAlmeida 3 years

I am a 1 in a million kind of woman. You can ask my husband. I never nag, I cook every night and clean. I never ask for anything, I never complain, im the most independent woman I know, and I help people with special needs and can pick up a 160 lb man. Obviously by your comment you don't know how to be a man yourself so I wouldn't expect you to understand how to raise one. But thank you for trying to break me down, not going to happen when I know where my feet stand, and you don't.

RobynAlmeida RobynAlmeida 3 years

Grilling to a man is a like a woman to a kitchen. Duh! If a man cant cook, or work on his own car, he is pretty much not a man. I don't fully agree with the paying for Dinner, unless he asked, and he loves her, going out of your way to do nice things should Never be of question when it comes to love, unless its illegal.

BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 3 years

Who wrote this S anyway???!!!! My life lessons for my kids are the following: Follow the Ten Commandments! That pretty well covers life at it's crux! After that, NEVER lie, never go back on a promise, treat all humans and animals humanely, if you want a friend - be a friend and don't abuse the friend privilege by gossip! AND always speak kindly of family and friends and if you can't shut up. Avoid Road rage, take care of your bills and try to be a good neighbor and helper. Cherish the memories of family and friends and behave yourself!

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