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What Not to Say to a Working Mom

Feb 17 2017 - 3:14pm

Heading back to work after baby [1] is never easy. However, the hardest part for women is not adjusting to a new schedule but having to hear comments about how they should be stay-at-home moms [2]. While some questions are well-intentioned, others are just flat-out rude. Make these comments to a working mom, and she's bound to shove her briefcase where the sun don't shine.

"I couldn't let someone else raise my kids."

I couldn't either, which is why I raise them.

"I wish I could get away from my kids for the day."

Source: HIT Entertainment [3]

If you consider conference calls, piles of paperwork, and getting yelled at by a boss "getting away."

"But your husband is so successful."

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [4]

Yes, and so am I.

"At least you have nighttime to be a good mom."

Source: Disney [5]

I also have the morning and afternoon, just like you.

"I think your little ones miss you."

Source: NBC [6]

And I miss them, too, but I'm doing what is best for them.

"I'd feel too guilty."

Source: Warner Bros. [7]

Then it's a good thing you aren't me.

"Maybe if you were home more he wouldn't act out."

Source: 20th Century Fox [8]

Maybe if you weren't so rude, more moms would like you.

"You're really missing out."

Source: CNN [9]

On losing my sanity? You're probably right.

"You wouldn't understand. You're not with them all day."

Source: PBS [10]

And neither are you. Or do you follow them around at school?

"If you cut back on luxuries, you wouldn’t have to work."

Source: Alloy Entertainment [11]

I didn't realize electricity, food, and shelter were luxuries.

"It's so cute when they call the nanny 'Mommy.'"

Source: NBC [12]

It's so cute when the other moms call you a b*tch.

"You look exhausted."

Source: Walt Disney Pictures [13]

Yes. Because I wake up early, work all day, and come home to a house of kids.

"If you're not going to raise your kids, then why did you have them?"

Source: Bravo [14]

I'm sorry. Since when is working to put food on the table not raising my kids?

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