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I have three girls, and the second I had my first daughter, people started asking me when I was going to have my boy. After my second daughter, the questions started a week after she was born. I was stopped by an elderly woman at a garden show, and instead of commenting how cute my newborn was, the second she heard "girl", she began to tell me how I needed a little boy. When I was pregnant with my third, after I found out her gender, I got a lot of "I'm sorry" from everyone. I think having all of the same gender is a wonderful gift. I was one of two, and my brother and I are not as close as most people I know who have same gender siblings. My three girls will be able to support each other when they reach milestones, such as puberty, dating, and social problems. Being the same gender, and close in age, they have the best built in support network.

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Even now, with my youngest almost two, I will get stopped at least once every trip to the store by some well meaning (usually older) person, who looks at my three beautiful, healthy, thriving, well behaved daughters and say "when you trying for the boy?" It's insulting to think three girls are not enough. I am now unable to have more children, but if I wanted another, I'd definitely want a girl. The dynamic is something I never expected, but am very grateful to experience and be a part of.

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