If there is one "boy" who has captured my daughter's heart, it is Thomas the Tank Engine. For whatever reason, most children fawn over the blue train and his entourage of carts. Though they lack much animation, the steely pals have made quite a name for themselves. Reminiscent of bits of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, the show Thomas and Friends is easy on the eyeballs, but some of the lessons can be a tad harsh.

The trains frequently irritate each other making frowns and grimaces, a common site on the show. On the plus side, tots can learn about emotions and conflict resolution as things always work out in the end. Other shows like Dragon Tales, Super WHY, Sesame Street, and Berenstain Bears do wonders in teaching kids lessons without all the complaining so some mothers ban the rails from their children's viewing. I let my babe watch her beloved Thomas. After all, it is nothing compared to the Tom & Jerry cartoons I watched as a wee one. What's your take on the cartoon?