It is natural that every parent thinks her child is the most darling being on the planet. It is a special kind of mom, a stage mama, who takes it to the next level by entering her children into the world of pageants. The bouffant hairdos, expensive gowns, spray tans, and makeup kits are all part of the up-do that will turn her child into a star. And while many mommies are quick to judge these families for participating in the hoopla, there are clearly enough people to keep the industry ticking. Love it or hate it, TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras has a loyal viewership. And now there's a coffee table book on the market titled High Glitz. In it author Susan Anderson captures the transformation of child to beauty queen. It may make some stomachs turn while it provides inspiration to others. Will the text be like the show — a train wreck you just can't turn away from? Tell us below!