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Three Ways to Share Pictures of Your Kids

When we have children we develop the need to share pictures of them with everyone. And we can't help it. They are adorable and deserve to be treasured by our family and friends.

However, in this digital age where we don't need to worry about film costs, the urge to send 100 versions of the same playdate pics to everyone in our address books can be overpowering.

For a list of some simple tips for sharing your lil one's brightest moments and still keep your friends,


  • Digital Photo Frames: If your lil one's grandparents, uncles or aunts aren't exactly technologically advanced consider gifting them a digital photo frame. They range in cost from about $100 to $300 and are usually fueled by simple memory sticks you can load up before hand.
  • Make a Baby Website or Photo Page: If you are relatively tech savvy yourself, you should create a simple website or blog on a site like TeamSugar where you can upload individual photos, whole albums, videos and share stories. If you missed your baby's birth, start at whatever stage your lil one is in now. This will give friends and family the ability to log on whenever, from wherever and comment.
  • Upload All Your Pics to One Photo Community: If you're not ready to create your own site I suggest using photo sites like Flickr, Kodak, Picasa, Shutterfly or Smugmug. The services are free (or offer pro accounts for less than $50 a year) and you can upload your images in a flash. In fact, the services usually offer simple uploading tools that will let you get hundreds of photos online in a matter of minutes. You can then tag them, give them captions and best of all, send the link to your page to everyone you know and demand they add it to their bookmarks. If you're worried about privacy you can create a special "guest list."
Eppie22 Eppie22 8 years
Shutterfly is great - makes everything easier!
mcnina mcnina 9 years
I subscribe to a website called How Fast they Grow ( It's a pretty awesome digital scrapbooking website & you can make pages super quick and really really cute (sharing and membership is free, too). My avatar is actually the title pg. from my daughter's baby album that I created there. I also use Shutterfly for ordering prints when I need them and for xmas cards.
macgirl macgirl 9 years
I subscribe to .Mac (pronounced dotmac) through Apple and make really easy web photo galleries through iPhoto. Here I or others can email photos to be automatically posted to the site. It also allows you to be able to download the full resolution photos so the grandparents can take those photos and make their little calendars or just print them. I just love it. My husband was able to take photos on his iPhone and email them to the site real time the whole time we were in the hospital having my son. It is also nice to allow other people to upload pictures of my little Grayden that I might not have seen otherwise :-)
schnappycat schnappycat 9 years
During my pregnancy, I created a Shutterfly account for family pictures to share with friends and family. It's been very handy so far. I also created a blog where I can post baby anecdotes, pictures, etc. It's really nice to be able to share stories with our families, particularly since they live quite far from us.
Doan Doan 9 years
I just found and it has been the perfect way to share photos of my kid to my family and friends. I thought about making a website for my kid but I just don't have the skills to do it. I have a flickr account but it's for all my photos and there's some photos in there that I don't really want my family to see, like when I went to Burning Man a few years back. With I can invite my family and friends to view the book and to also add photos they have of Kyle that I've never even seen. I just invited my parents and my mom just uploaded some pictures she took of kyle in the backyard of the house I grew up in. It totally made my day when I got to see them. Now everyone can see how cute my kid is. My parents live in L.A. and we live in Hawaii so it's the perfect way for grandma and grandpa to get the 411 on what's going on in his life. I love the site. I think it's worth checking out.
Angelica Angelica 9 years
Awww, that's a great idea refinnej!
refinnej refinnej 9 years
we created a family flickr account for my sister, parents, and i to all upload our pictures to - with everyone living in different states and some with limited space to email all of the pictures, it was the perfect answer for us.
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