Tickle Me Pink! I Love the Ticklebug Baby Changing Pad

As a lazy second time mom, I rarely pull out the changing pad when my wee ones need a quick change. Occasionally a mat is required to shield their bums and noggins from the surface of a public restroom changing table. Since most diaper bags provide mamas with a roll type pad that is rarely long enough to cushion a toddler's head, I was tickled when I had the opportunity to test out the Ticklebug Baby changing kit ($49).

Compactly packaged in bright eye-catching prints, the velcro sealed tote unfolds into a changing pad that easily fits a toddler (head to toe) while providing mommy poopy nappy artillery. On each side of the cushioned mat, there are pouches for cream, wipes, diapers, and a wallet. To keep children entertained, there is a ring where mama can securely attach any sort of toy. And if mom is a germaphobe, she'll love the fact that the item is machine washable!

that's really cute. i'm starting to look for things that will be helpful once my little ones come and this seems really practical. i'm all for getting gear that's easily converted into something else as the kids get older.
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