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Tiger Woods to Tell His Kids the Truth; Do You Agree?

Tiger Woods put himself in an uncomfortable situation, but try explaining that to his children. The famed athlete said he will be "upfront and honest" with Sam and Charlie when they are older. When a family is broken up by infidelity, who do you think should explain what really happened to the children (then or later on in life): the parent who cheated, the spouse, or both adults?

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totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
Anonymous #2, I applaud you for yous decision. I don't think that children need to know what their father or mother did. That is between the father and mother. In Tiger's case, however, they both should sit them down and tell them.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
He has no choice. He isn't the average family - his indiscretions have been splashed all over the media. They will learn at some point even if he doesn't tell them. In this circumstance, I think they should both sit down and talk to them about it, but not together.
Frankle Frankle 7 years
This is a difficult situation to be in. If Tiger tells them, he might go over-board about how sorry it is, and somehow blame the mum "But if your mother had given more time/attention" ect. If mummy tells them, she might go on the attack. "He cheated, thats a low and evil thing to do, he should burn in the fires of Hell" ect. But if both parents tell the children together, there might well be 2 very different versions and arguments.
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