If two's company and three's a crowd, living life in the double digits must be insufferable. In the curious case of Tiger Woods, the golfing great finally admitted to infidelity after two weeks of tabloid rumors and speculation. While marriages are no strangers to affairs, the manner in which the star athlete has allegedly conducted himself during his marriage leaves many dismayed. The number of women coming out of the woodwork, the voice mails, text messages, and his obvious lack of family prioritization would be enough to make most wives hire a divorce attorney. In this case, it remains to be seen what slighted wife Elin Nordegren Woods will do with her philandering husband. What's to stop her from leaving? Often it is the children. In this case there are two: Sam, 2, and Charlie,10 months.

In an effort to put forth a family front, many women make nice and play the Good Wife. Others call it a deal breaker and start fresh. Many argue that the latter requires more strength and willpower, but others contend that it is even bolder to stay in a relationship that appears to be beyond repair. Marital status often trumps the "strong mom" card, but then women who leave their husbands (Jenny Sanford for the time being) may be regaled as better role models for their children as they are seen as tough and resilient. In the end, it is a very personal decision and so much depends on the circumstances regarding the couple and the marital issues at hand. But if you were Elin Woods, what would you do: walk or stay?