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Time-Lapse Video of Mom Trying to Put Twins to Bed

Time-Lapse Video of Mom Putting Twins to Bed Will Make You Appreciate Your Routine

I've never met a mom who didn't want to scream, "Go the f*ck to sleep!" at least once in their child's toddler years — that's why the book was such a hit with parents everywhere! But Henriette Jonassen, a Norwegian mom of almost-3-year-old twins Leon and Nathaniel, deserves a signed, framed copy of the book. As she writes on her blog:

"A few days ago a friend suggested a bedtime routine for me, and I thought I should try it out. I've been having a hard time getting my twins to bed recently because of the heat and long, sunny days, and I thought I'd try something new. But I was pretty certain it wouldn't work, so I filmed it."

The resulting, time-lapse video of their current bedtime routine is like an Abbott and Costello video. Every time one goes down, the other pops up or sneaks away or dances in the doorway. It's nothing short of hysterical. As Henriette explains, in Summer months, the sun doesn't set until late (around 10 p.m.), so getting the boys to sleep requires a deviation from her normal routine. Let's just hope she rests up this Winter, when the sun is only out for five hours some days.

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suraiyakasim suraiyakasim 2 years

cosy up with them in the same room and read a bed time story - they are so cute and they will grow up fast - make the most of it

sheilaJARRETT sheilaJARRETT 2 years

you did a brilliant job, routine is what a child need and persistance, a few days off this and they'll soon learn. Well done you

HeatherFarley37755 HeatherFarley37755 2 years

She needs to put those boys in the same room together, make sure there's nothing to hurt themselves on, at this point I would put nothing but their mattresses on the floor and change the door handles to knobs, put up blackouts, and ignore them.

hannegee hannegee 2 years

Haha, love how it says "remember birth control" at the end of the video!

JennellePerry JennellePerry 2 years

What she really needs besides room darkening shades, is to change the door handles on the doors to knobs.. My daughter has the handles like those and toddlers figure them out quick cause their easy to manuver, but a door know is a bit harder...

Lisa14737646 Lisa14737646 2 years

I feel her pain twins fed off each other I should know mine are identical 9 year old boys & even now they try to stay up late. even with a dark room & no toys.separating them any twins doesn't work either as they have a physcalogical bond no one understands

RachalMc RachalMc 2 years

THAT WOULD DRIVE ME INSANE... I wouldn't have the patience. No wonder she is so slim.

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