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5 Time-Saving Products For Busy and Overtired New Moms

Jan 6 2012 - 12:54pm

You can't add more minutes to the day, but you can certainly make the most of the ones that are already there! Once baby arrives, it can feel as if the hours fly off the clock as mama tries to cram everything into the day. Thank goodness for shortcuts designed to give mom more time with her tot. Take a look at five items specifically created for the busy new mom.

Magnificent Baby Magnetic Onesies

Kiss middle of the night baby button issues goodnight! NYC-based Magnificent Baby [1] (ranging from $29-$39 each) is the world's first layette with magnetic closures. The tiny magnets are sewn into the 100 percent pima cotton garments' seams, the footies, kimono-style tops, gowns, and onesies. Thoroughly tested and both lead and phthalate-free, Magnificent Baby makes getting baby dressed a snap.

Clouds and Stars Crib Zipper Sheet ($20)

When baby spits up in the middle of the night or leaks through her diaper, the last thing a tired mom wants to do is start changing the sheets. Clouds and Stars' Crib Zipper Sheets [2] simply zip the offending part of the sheet off, zip on a fresh one, and put baby gently back to sleep.

Aacua Bath Towel ($42)

Fumbling to wrap your slippery baby in a warm towel after the bath is now a thing of the past. The Aacua towel [3] Velcros around mama's neck to create a welcoming blanket to wrap baby in quickly after the bath.

The Original Baby Ba Bottle ($15)

Getting babies to actually hold their bottles is no easy feat. The Ba bottle [4] makes it simple for tots to grab the milk holders so mama can free up a feeding hand to do something else.

BabySpareWear ($25)

Every mama knows that Murphy's Law comes in to play the day she forgets to pack a spare outfit for her lil one when running errands. Rather than fumble through the drawers on your way out the door, stash a BabySpareWear [5] in your diaper bag — an extra clean outfit — and head out knowing you'll be set when your lil one decides to make a mess at the least opportune time!

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