Mommy Dearest –

Camp season is drawing to a close this week and the topic of discussion at the bus stop this morning turned to tipping the counselors. It is my son's first year at camp and I hadn't realized that the counselors needed to be tipped. All of the parents agreed to a set amount per child (the camp, apparently, doesn't have any guidelines about this) but my son was closer with some counselors more than others. Would it be OK for me to just tip the ones he liked? Otherwise, we are looking at another $200 on top of what I paid for camp!

– Testing the Tipping Rules

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Dear Testing the Tipping Rules –

There is more than one reason parents often dread the end of the Summer – and it doesn't have to do with the kids being home with no activities before school starts. If your camp does not have any set guidelines about tipping, it really is up to you to decide who, if anyone, should be rewarded. That said, it is highly likely that the counselors will compare what they received and from whom they received it. If you have any intention of sending your son back to the camp next Summer, you are best off tipping all of his counselors – you never know who will be leading his group next year!

– Mommy Dearest

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