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Motherhood can be a mind-boggler! forevasun submitted this question in our The Mommy Club group.

I'm about to take my very active 7-month-old baby on a 14 hour plane ride. Any tips or advice for us? I'm so nervous and scared! I don't know how the little one will react and don't know what to expect. Thanks so much!

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Melissa-Emily Melissa-Emily 6 years
thanks for posting this! I too will be flying soon with my 9month old who is very active as well as I am kinda nervous about it especially since i'm also bringing my dog with us lol ♥
Dnice7 Dnice7 6 years
i also used the boppy it worked amazing i also bring things for them to suck on and i would keep them awake no naps so they will crash on the flight good luck
lizesc lizesc 6 years
We did a trip from Brussels to JFK layover JFK to SFO my recommendation is to get your baby tired before the trip. The boppy is an awesome idea, we didn't think of that! I wore him in a moby most of the time (and even at 11months on small trips I wear him most of the time) and that really worked for us, when he was asleep I could eat and watch movies or sleep, too and when he was awake we could either walk the aisles OR he could get out and be held by my husband. Most of the time he was asleep because we did an overnighter. Most people on the flight do understand and try to work with you. If this is international they also have a bassinet at the front of some seating areas, I would see if you can get those seats. I would guess they put the bassinets close to the bathroom with the changing table, but that is something you should scope out-- figure out when you board where the changing tables are! Finally feed the baby both going up and going down, it helps pop the ears. Good Luck, Be ready for anything,
blakeleyo blakeleyo 6 years
I took the boppy. We were both more comfortable that way!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Well I've never flown with a baby so I don't have any experience, but I would recommend lots of toys/books/snacks, a couple changes of clothes and lots of diapers, and prepare for lots of pacing the aisles keeping baby calm. Do you have a portable dvd player, or are there on-plane dvds? I haven't flown in years, but tv is the best way to hypnotize a child in my experience (not that I do it often!). Even if baby wails and screams the whole way... 14 hours isn't forever. So what if the other passengers end up telling the horror story of the screaming baby on the plane for the rest of their lives. You've got a vacation to enjoy and don't need to worry yourself with it too much.
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